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Bringing Meaning to Art
Earth Week
Beating the Heat
Joy and Confidence Assembly
Term Two Open House
Travel Reflections
Waiting for Success
First Steps

Bringing Meaning to Art

Some parents ask, “How do you teachers see and know where learning happens?” and our answer is, “Children learn through play, and learning happens in the moment and during reflection”. The way we teachers organize ourselves, and are able to report on these important revelations these little people are making is through mapping out educational plans, and using PYP standards.

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Earth Week

To start our amazing Earth Week off, teachers of J&C brought in recycled goods and read a book, “Not a Stick”. Using this book, we explored how many objects can be used to represent something else. The students had a great time taking plastic cups and wearing them as glasses, or scraps of fabric to wear as mustaches or wigs.

not a stick
not a stick 2

Following this fun first impression on recycling, J&Cs little ones came in on Tuesday with lots of recycled materials to sort, and some brought in plants to put in soil for woodworking.

  • IMG_4837
  • IMG_4836
  • IMG_4778

As planned, on Wednesday, we constructed recycled decorative hangers. By cutting up the recycled materials we collected, and puncturing holes, the class threaded string making decorative pieces, which also supports developmental areas such as fine motor skills and thinking skills.

  • IMG_4787
  • IMG_4818
  • IMG_4817
  • IMG_4827
  • IMG_4815
  • IMG_4812
  • IMG_4792
  • IMG_4780
  • IMG_4801
  • IMG_4795
  • IMG_4783
  • IMG_4796
  • IMG_4828
  • IMG_4826
  • IMG_4822
  • IMG_4821
  • IMG_4831
  • IMG_4784
  • IMG_4833

To put an end to a great week, the Earth Week focused assembly and exhibition really rounded out the experience for the class. Some favourite exhibits were the recycled paper craft table, the worm exhibit, and the watering jug area where kids had fun with water.


  • IMG_4904
  • IMG_4905

These are life-long memories that will effect the way they see our planet, and how they can make a difference. A very popular song we’ve been singing with J&C is “We’ve Got the Whole World in Our Hands”. Please find the download below, and have fun singing at home with your child.


Beating the Heat

As we hit the hottest time of the year here in Thailand, the J&C team thought it would be great to introduce a water play area during playground time and see what would happen.

We brought in a few tubs, some recycled plastic bottles, and allowed the children to use the water taps freely.


At first, the J&C class were the only ones filling bottles to fill the tubs, but then some of the older students from P&U joined in. They worked as a unit to fill the tubs and splashed water on themselves along the way. It was fascinating how these two classes were able to use their words and work in cohesion while playing together. There has been so much growth and maturity during this year.

Many of the students involved had something to say about this activity, please listen to this recording to see what they thought:

Ultimately, most of the children ended up taking a soak in the tubs, pouring water over themselves, or just experimenting with the overflow of water nearby.

  • IMG_4266
  • IMG_4270
  • IMG_4269
  • IMG_4267
  • IMG_4264
  • IMG_4263
  • IMG_4262
  • IMG_4261
  • IMG_4260

By the time we had lunch, rather than the children feeling hot and lethargic, they were energized and ready to eat a large meal.

Keeping water conservation in mind, we are going to adapt this activity and introduce sprinklers. We will also start putting up signs to remind children to use their water conservatively, and never to run a tap into the sink. As Songkran approaches we hope our students will have a better understanding of water play and water conservation.

How does your family “beat the heat” on weekends? We would love to hear from you.



Joy and Confidence Assembly

Thursday’s assembly went amazing- the class really connected with the two songs performed.

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Term Two Open House

We would like to thank everyone who attended our Term 2 Open House last Monday. For those that couldn’t attend, you can view the presentation slides below.


Open House Agenda

  1. Welcome parents and talk about agenda
  2. Portfolio reflections
  3. Unit three breakdowns
    • powerpoint
    • play ‘whisper’ game
    • this reflects our unit purpose- communicators… and assembly.
  4.  Assembly
    • It’s about being comfortable
    • Parents are welcome
    • pictures of family members
  5. Goal setting
    • talk about how unit three supports them going to P&U
    • Development of child, and age appropriate activities
    • home and school life supporting each other
    • game collaboration.

Goal Setting

Part of beginning Unit 3, and getting our little ones ready for the end of the year, it is important that the J&C team collaborate with parents and Peace and Unity (P&U) for goal setting. GOAL SETTING is not about meeting expectations, but it is instead about planning ahead so that we can all know where we are going and the best way to support, encourage, and guide our little ones there. When creating these 6 goals, we asked P&U where they thought children entering their class might already be socially, emotionally, and skill wise. We also thought about the skills and support we in J&C provide to get our students to where they might be at the end of term. And finally, it is so important to share collaboration with parents, since we at MY like to see our students as whole people (home and school).

The list of recommendations on how we as a group, during open house, put together activities to do at home and school. It was an incredible experience to get feedback from parents on how better to plan and implement activities, and we hope that the list made for home will also support home life.

If you can add to this list, please comment bellow. We appreciate all participation and hope to grow as a group.




Travel Reflections

“It’s not the destination but the journey that matters.”

Often we are so busy preparing ourselves and our little ones for where we are going, or where we want to be, academically and physically, that we forget it’s those small steps that get us where we want to go.

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Waiting for Success

Adults often find it hard to watch a child struggle through learning a new skill. Part of that is because young children have built life skills around asking for help, and crying when frustrated or uncomfortable. A natural response is to help a child by teaching them the correct technique at doing an activity, or by fixing the problem. But a very important question to ask, and a question that MY teachers always come back to:

“Am I nurturing this behaviour or helping this child get to the next level?”

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First Steps

The J and C team are extremely pleased at how well the first week has gone. Learning about you, your little ones, and how to move smoothly throughout the school day is a priority to us.

Our small transitions from one space to another allow for an exploration of space and a learning of new skills and ways of communication. Your little ones are doing a fabulous job at exploring, and we are trying our best to make their move from one learning environment to another as fun and calm as possible.

We use songs and dance, and often provide ample time to prepare for a move to a new space.

  • Moving from play time to carpet.Moving from play time to carpet.
  • Coming down the stairs.Coming down the stairs.
  • Washing hands.Washing hands.
  • Brushing teethBrushing teeth
  • Brushing teethBrushing teeth
  • Saying goodbye with songs.Saying goodbye with songs.

Check out just some of the special songs we use, and maybe you could try them at home.