Earth Week

To start our amazing Earth Week off, teachers of J&C brought in recycled goods and read a book, “Not a Stick”. Using this book, we explored how many objects can be used to represent something else. The students had a great time taking plastic cups and wearing them as glasses, or scraps of fabric to wear as mustaches or wigs.

not a stick
not a stick 2

Following this fun first impression on recycling, J&Cs little ones came in on Tuesday with lots of recycled materials to sort, and some brought in plants to put in soil for woodworking.

  • IMG_4837
  • IMG_4836
  • IMG_4778

As planned, on Wednesday, we constructed recycled decorative hangers. By cutting up the recycled materials we collected, and puncturing holes, the class threaded string making decorative pieces, which also supports developmental areas such as fine motor skills and thinking skills.

  • IMG_4787
  • IMG_4818
  • IMG_4817
  • IMG_4827
  • IMG_4815
  • IMG_4812
  • IMG_4792
  • IMG_4780
  • IMG_4801
  • IMG_4795
  • IMG_4783
  • IMG_4796
  • IMG_4828
  • IMG_4826
  • IMG_4822
  • IMG_4821
  • IMG_4831
  • IMG_4784
  • IMG_4833

To put an end to a great week, the Earth Week focused assembly and exhibition really rounded out the experience for the class. Some favourite exhibits were the recycled paper craft table, the worm exhibit, and the watering jug area where kids had fun with water.


  • IMG_4904
  • IMG_4905

These are life-long memories that will effect the way they see our planet, and how they can make a difference. A very popular song we’ve been singing with J&C is “We’ve Got the Whole World in Our Hands”. Please find the download below, and have fun singing at home with your child.


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