End of Unit Celebration

On November 17th we celebrated the end of our first Unit of Inquiry. We have been working on Unit 1: Communication since August, and the progress we have seen has been very inspiring.

Our Celebration of Learning event was a chance for friends and family to come into the classroom and share in the learning that our students have been doing. Our students really took ownership of the experience: sharing their portfolios, reflecting on the pictures inside of the portfolios and leading their guests around the classroom to see the different centres and setups they experience on a daily basis.

  • IMG_0464
  • IMG_0463
  • IMG_0462
  • IMG_0487
  • IMG_0478
  • IMG_0479
  • IMG_0480
  • IMG_0483
  • IMG_0485
  • IMG_0472
  • IMG_0467
  • IMG_0466

It was great to see so many people attend and I know our students really enjoyed the experience.  Thank You to everyone that was able to come. We will have another Celebration at the end of the Unit 2!

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