Fantastic Friday!

What an exciting day! Last Friday our class was involved in a number of fun experiences as we celebrated Chinese New Years and had a visit from a Fire Truck.

Our day started with a performance from the older grades that featured drumming, singing and a Lion Dance. It was an exciting show and really got us into the spirit of Chinese New Years. Next we participated in some CNY activities: we learned how to count to 5 in Mandarin and made delicious dumplings. Thank you to Ms. Fon, Ms. Jemina and their team for helping us stuff, seal and cook the dumplings.

  • IMG_3662
  • IMG_3663
  • IMG_3665
  • IMG_3667
  • IMG_3668
  • IMG_3669
  • IMG_3673


The highlight of our day however, was a visit from a fire truck! Our class has been very interested in Firefighting, so it was very exciting when Firefighters from our local fire station visited Magic Years to share information about their jobs.


We were lucky enough to get the chance to try on their equipment;


Try out the fire hose;

  • IMG_3718
  • DSC_3356
  • IMG_3689
  • IMG_3690
  • IMG_3691
  • IMG_3693
  • IMG_3702

And even sit in the fire truck!

  • DSC_5688
  • DSC_5681
  • DSC_5699
  • DSC_5697
  • DSC_5693
  • DSC_5684
  • DSC_5683




It certainly was a Fantastic Friday! Thank you to all the members of the J&C Class Community who came in to watch, help and experience these events with the students. We will be wrapping up Unit 2 this week, we look forward to seeing many of you this Friday, February 23 for our Celebration of Learning. Unit 3 starts next week!

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