Finding Out

Our final unit is in full swing. After Tuning In with our environment change and new books in the library, we have been in the Finding Out stage for the past week.


One of the activities that we have been doing is our “Foods We Like” Venn Diagram. We began by reading Growing Vegetable Soup by Lois Ehlert and learning about a variety of different vegetables and how they all come from seeds that grow into plants.

Then we started brainstorming our favourite foods. Once we had an idea, we talked about whether or not it was a plant product or not.  This was the tricky part. Some of the ideas were easy: we all knew that apples grow on trees, and that chicken is an animal, not a plant. But, some of them were more difficult: cereal? rice? What about a hamburger?


One thing we noticed was that all foods with seeds in them came from plants. Once we figured that out, things like oranges and watermelons were much easier to place. For the other ones we really had to dig deep, sometimes we brainstormed together, other times we had to ask an adult or look in a book or on the computer.


Once we had exhausted our favourite foods, we began working on our chart at the end of the day, to talk about the foods we had at lunch time. We will continue to do this for a few more days until our diagram is all filled up. Stop by and take a look, maybe you can add something as well.


Coming Up

This week is the MYIS Art Exhibition, It runs from March 28-30 on the 2nd Floor Bridge.

School Songkran celebrations will be held on Wednesday April 11.

Songkran holidays run from April 13-22.

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