Fire! Fire!

Throughout our current unit, the students have been demonstrating their prior knowledge and building connections between past and new experiences.  One area where this is very evident is in their love of all things related to fires and firefighting.

We realized how much our students loved firefighting last term: while on the playground they invented a rescue game which involved using a long rope to “save” people on the slide.

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With their enthusiasm as our inspiration, we began integrating firefighting themed activities into our classroom environment. We started with a trip to library to build up a collection of books about firefighting and rescue, but that was just the beginning.

Fire on the Veranda

One of the activities was on the veranda. Using chalk, we drew houses and building that were on fire. Students put out the fire using spray bottles.


Paper Trucks

Ms. Jemina collaborated with our firefighting theme by designing a firetruck activity in Art Class using cutout shapes. Each student had the chance to make their own firetruck using construction paper and glue.

Role Play

We have two full sets of firefighting equipment: coat, helmet, axe, crowbar, radio and fire extinguisher. The students have been using these tools to put out fires around the classroom. This has also helped to build up the vocabulary the students need to really get into character.

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The Big Truck

We recycled an old air conditioner box and had the students paint it all red. Once they were done P’Somsak built a wooden frame inside to keep it from falling down and Mr. Bren added some details to the outside. When it was all finished, we had a big fire truck the students could get inside!

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 Going Forward

Firefighting is still a very popular activity so we will be continuing to build on the students’ interests. We are hoping to have a firetruck from our local fire station visit the school, so stay tuned for more information!

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