Our Third Unit of Inquiry

Today we began our Third and final Unit of Inquiry. The year is really flying by!

UOI #3: Natural Resources
Central Idea: Exploring the earth’s natural resources helps us to understand our environment
Transdisciplinary Theme: How the world works

As we progress through this Unit of Inquiry, we will be exploring natural resources we can find in our area; using natural resources creatively; and learning how to use natural resources appropriately.

Learner Profiles: Thinkers, Principled, Caring
Attitudes: Appreciation, Commitment, Respect
Key Concepts: Function, Causation, Change
Skills: Thinking, Research

We began Tuning In to our unit this morning by reading about planting seeds and growing plants. We will be working closely with our Industrial Arts teachers throughout this unit as well as starting a window garden in the classroom. Stay Tuned!



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