We nurture our curiosity, developing skills for inquiry and research. We know how to learn independently and with others. We learn with enthusiasm and sustain our love of learning throughout life.

Our Second Unit of Inquiry
End of Unit Celebration
Loy Krathong!
Going Further
What’s in the Box?!
Finding Out
Our First Unit of Inquiry
Our First Week of School
Our contribution to the MY Art Exhibition
Exploring the Earth’s natural resources helps us to understand our environment- Our Class Assembly

Our Second Unit of Inquiry

As 2017 draws to a close, we are delving into our second Unit of Inquiry:

UOI #2: Our Learning
Central Idea: Personal interests and experiences impact our learning.
Transdisciplinary Theme: How we are

As we progress through this Unit of Inquiry, we will be exploring our personal interests, building connections between past and a new experiences, and sharing our likes and dislikes.

Learner Profiles: Inquirers, Knowledgeable, Reflective
Attitudes: Curiosity, Confidence, Independence
Key Concepts: Connection, Perspective, Reflective
Skills: Thinking, Self-Management

We have already begun Tuning In to our unit during our Morning Meetings by sharing stories about our weekends and Father’s Day. We have also been sharing our opinions about the books and songs we engage with during Circle Time.  Stay tuned for more information!



End of Unit Celebration

On November 17th we celebrated the end of our first Unit of Inquiry. We have been working on Unit 1: Communication since August, and the progress we have seen has been very inspiring.

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Loy Krathong!

Last Friday we celebrated Loy Krathong at Magic Years.  We had a packed house: thanks to all the friends and family members who came out to help and enjoy the celebrations.

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Going Further


We have seen tremendous growth and newfound insight from the Joy & Confidence class over the course of our Unit of Inquiry.


What’s in the Box?!

For the past two weeks the students have been very engaged with our new wooden box centre.  Let’s take a tour of the learning that is taking place!

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Finding Out

We are continuing to work through our Cycle of Inquiry together.  Over the past 2 weeks we have been Finding Out about Communication, specifically our line of inquiry into interacting with people.

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Our First Unit of Inquiry

As we finish our third week of school, we are delving into our first Unit of Inquiry on Communication.

UOI #1: Communication
Central Idea: Communication provides opportunities for us to interact with people.
Transdisciplinary Theme: How we express ourselves

As we progress through this Unit of Inquiry, we will inquire into ways we can communicate; choosing effective and appropriate forms of communication; and interacting with people.

Learner Profiles: Communicators, Open-minded, Risk-takers
Attitudes: Cooperation, Confidence, Independence
Key Concepts: Connection, Perspective
Skills: Communication; Social

We have already begun Tuning In to our unit during our Morning Meetings using our name sticks.

IMG_1403 IMG_1404

The J&C Team made each student a name stick with their picture on one side and their name on the other.  Each morning we sing “Good Morning” and then welcome each student to class by holding up their picture.  This helps our students recognize their classmates and put names to faces. Activities like this are why our Morning Meeting is so important, so thank you to everyone who arrives by 8:30am!

  • IMG_4366
  • 20170830_085610
  • IMG_8342


Our First Week of School

After four exciting days of exploring our new classroom, meeting new friends and teachers, and a few tears, our first week of school is finished!

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Our contribution to the MY Art Exhibition

Magic Years will be hosting an art exhibition this week. In the last couple weeks the children in Joy & Confidence class were working hard to prepare their art pieces to display.

This year Art Exhibition and Earth Week became a joint event. We feel lucky as the theme of the exhibition is nature that matches perfectly with our final unit of inquiry into natural resources. We have chosen Salvador Dali and his collage works as our inspiration.  The children has enjoyed working with natural resources as collage materials throughout the year. Lately they gained a deeper understanding how these different object works on paper/canvas if we use glue or paint with them so they were ready to master those skills! 🙂



Step 1

First the children used recycled newspapers to create the background of their art pieces. After painting them with the colours of their choice, they have torn them into long pieces and then used lots of glue to put paper mache over the canvases. Their cooperation to finish this phase was outstanding!!!

  • IMG_2687
  • IMG_7982
  • IMG_2691
  • IMG_7983
  • IMG_2689
  • IMG_8479
  • IMG_2686


For other art pieces they decided to collaboratively paint the canvas and create prints on them with their hands and sponges that came in a variety forms of natural objects such as flower, moon etc.

  • IMG_8477
  • IMG_8478


Step 2

After they were satisfied with the background, they started to add details to their trees and flowers. They have used recycled paper and plastic circles to design flowers, collaging them with natural resources such as coloured rice, dried flowers/leaves and a range of recycled materials that they have found in the classroom. They have showcased great resource skills and commitment by meticulously planning and adding the details to their ‘flowers’ and ‘leaves’.

  • IMG_8164
  • IMG_8159
  • IMG_8151
  • IMG_8153
  • IMG_8154
  • IMG_8162
  • IMG_8169
  • IMG_8516


Step 3

Some of the children became so enthusiastic that they even decided to create their at pieces on their own.

  • IMG_8505

The selection of their final works will be displayed this week at Magic Years. Do not miss out the opportunity to visit the exhibition from Tuesday, April 25th to Thursday, April 27th. You can even place bids on the Earth Week related art pieces in a form of silent auction that will be held on Wednesday, April 26th and on Thursday, April 27th. Simply just write the number of the art piece ( that you would like to take home)  along with your child’s name and class. Please do not forget to indicate the amount that you wish to donate. All donations will go towards purchasing trees to make our school more green!


The winners of the auction will be announced on Friday, April 28th @8:30am at the Earth Week Closing Assembly.










Exploring the Earth’s natural resources helps us to understand our environment- Our Class Assembly

The Joy and Confidence children have tuned into their final unit by identifying ways in which they can explore the Earth’s natural resources. They have been using their thinking and research skills to make new connections with the world around them by building on their prior knowledge of plants, weather elements, farm animals, see creatures and recyclable materials.

  • tuning in 1
  • tuning in 2
  • Tuning in 3


Later they have started to communicate the topics they were deeply interested in by asking questions such as:

What is rainbow?

Why is it raining?

Why is it not sunny?

Why does the water disappear when I pour it on the sand/soil? Where does it go?

Where do fruits come from?

Why do fruits grow under the ground?

How do walnuts grow on a tree?

Why do plants need rain?

What are these seeds for?


Most of them chose to express their interest by creating an artwork individually or collaboratively with their friends. To start with they have composed beautiful cloud and raindrop collages as well as have expressed their understanding of how the ground and the Earth’s atmosphere are connected by creating a beautiful landscape in a form of a collaborative art work.

  • IMG_1533
  • IMG_5673
  • IMG_2302
  • IMG_2209
  • IMG_2237
  • IMG_6337
  • IMG_2205


Next they have designed leaves, different fruits and vegetables using recycled papers and other collage materials.

  • IMG_6839
  • IMG_2321
  • IMG_7412
  • IMG_2481
  • IMG_2467
  • IMG_2449
  • IMG_7039
  • IMG_2472
  • IMG_2408
  • IMG_2395
  • IMG_2362
  • IMG_2381
  • IMG_2361
  • IMG_2357
  • IMG_2442


After they were satisfied with their art pieces, they started to place them on a background based on their understanding of where they grow from.

  • Background 2
  • Background 1


Meanwhile they were busy practicing some of their favorite songs for our assembly, thinking about how they could communicate their love for Mother Earth. They have enjoyed cooperating with their friends while using a parachute for the songs ‘The rain is falling down’, ‘I like the flowers’, ‘The Sun goes up and the Sun goes down’ and ‘Sally goes round the Sun, Sally goes round the Moon’ as a form of a music and movement activity that is based on the Orff approach.

  • IMG_7364
  • IMG_7363


Then the big day come…and they made us very proud indeed! They have demonstrated being confident communicators and enthusiastic risk-takers by not ‘just’ performing in front of a big audience but even introducing themselves to the whole Magic Years community!


Here is a video of our Assembly for you to enjoy!

Thank you for joining us on this very special day. We can not wait to share more memorable events with you!