We nurture our curiosity, developing skills for inquiry and research. We know how to learn independently and with others. We learn with enthusiasm and sustain our love of learning throughout life.

Unit of Inquiry #3: Exploring the Earth’s natural resources helps us to understand our environment
Ending Unit 2 – Time to reflect!
Term 2 Open House: Connecting Learning at School and at Home
Welcome back!
Our Second Unit of Inquiry
Sharing About the Day In J&C
Welcome to Open House!
Monday Swim Lessons
Communication Through Our Daily Routines
Our First Unit of Inquiry

Unit of Inquiry #3: Exploring the Earth’s natural resources helps us to understand our environment

The beginning of Term 2 went really fast, and we have already entered into our third month at our new campus. On Monday we will start our last Unit of Inquiry which defines our primary focus for the remainder of the year.

Central Idea: Exploring the earth’s natural resources helps us to understand our environment
Transdisciplinary theme: How the world works
Inquiry into:   Natural resources found in our local area

Determining creative ways to explore natural resources

How to work appropriately with natural resources

As this unit of inquiry unfolds throughout these last three months, the little ones in Joy & Confidence class will gain a deeper understanding about the meaning of conserving the Earth’s resources. They will also have the opportunity to refine their research skills in order to find ways in their daily routine to save energy, water and other resources.


Among many other activities, they will make an inquiry into what plants need to live and grow, and will be using their thinking and research skills to explore what are the elements of weather and how they affect the living things around us. They will also investigate how those elements such as water,wind and light can be used to produce energy and why is it so important for us.


Learner Profiles Thinker, Principled, Caring
Attitudes Appreciation, Commitment, Respect
Skills Thinking, Research


We will work hand in hand with our wonderful specialist teachers to enrich our classroom learning experience and to  encourage appreciation, commitment and respect as well as to foster caring, principled thinkers who take responsibility for our mother earth.

Ending Unit 2 – Time to reflect!

We have entered into the last 2 weeks of our second unit of inquiry, and the Joy & Confidence children are busy reflecting on their new learning experiences from the last three months.


In the past three months, we were focusing on fostering their self-management and thinking skills through real life situations that require confidence and independence. These authentic environment settings nurtured reflecting on daily life outside the school environment. They also helped them to extend their prior knowledge with a recently gained deeper understanding of their interests and the world around them.

kitchen 2

We are amazed at how responsible they have become since last November by collaboratively deciding which role to take in their cooperative play. They have shown significant growth in their fairness as they made sure everyone got a turn in playing the most popular roles such as being doctors, working as the cashier in a supermarket and so much more.

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Please do not forget to share with us any of your child’s reflections and connections they are making at home. Thank you!


Term 2 Open House: Connecting Learning at School and at Home

This past Tuesday, February 7th, Joy & Confidence class hosted their Term 2 Open House. We have enjoyed the opportunity to meet our lovely families. Thank you for finding time in your busy schedules to attend our last open house in this academic year. The support and involvement of families is greatly appreciated by our teaching team. We truly believe that collaboration between home and school is one of the most important thing we can do for our amazing little ones to ensure they fulfill their potential.

For those who would like a refresh, please continue on for our presentation review.

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  • J&C Term 2 Open House 2016-2107.pptx_016


Makha Bucha day is approaching us soon and school will be closed on Monday, February 13th. Please be kindly reminded that there is no school for children on Tuesday, February 14th either due to our teacher in-service day.We wish you a wonderful long weekend and we are looking forward to see you next week! 🙂


Welcome back!

The winter break is over and we have officially started our second term. We would like to say welcome back to all of our returning Joy & Confidence children and families, and a warm welcome to all of our new little ones and caregivers.

The beginning of a new term is always exciting, but this one is a very special one as we already started to settle in our brand new campus!

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In the last week the children in our class were enjoying being reunited with their friends and teachers, exploring their new learning environment and making connections by building on their prior knowledge. Based on our observation we have also made slight alternations in our daily schedule to ensure our little ones has the most enriching learning experience possible.

Joy&Confidence Schedule – Term 2


Like every term at Magic Years, this one is full of fun events. Our first one will be Sports Day that will take place on Friday, February 3, 2017. More information will be shared by the end of this week via all of our communication channels.

Thank you for your kind cooperation during these first couple of days, we truly appreciate your ongoing support. We are looking forward to continuing our learning journey together, and to creating many memorable moments to treasure.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions on joyconfidence@magicyears.ac.th.

Our Second Unit of Inquiry

We have now moved into our second Unit of Inquiry. The new focus is on how Personal Interests and Experiences Impact Our Learning.

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Sharing About the Day In J&C

Think about the end of your very busy day. You come home after going places, seeing things, and meeting many people. Your family asks you, “What did you do today?” and your mind just goes blank. You did so much, yet cannot easily put it all into words! Now, consider the growing memory and developing language skills of 2 and 3-year-olds and you can understand the challenge of getting much insight into their days here in Joy & Confidence.

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Welcome to Open House!

The Joy & Confidence Term 1 Open House was this Tuesday, October 11. We were very excited to see so many people and thank everyone who attended!

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Monday Swim Lessons

Our Monday swimming sessions are both an important and very popular part of the Joy & Confidence curriculum. We wanted to share more of this learning with you.

Swimming is an important part of the Magic Years learning program spanning all age groups. In this Joy & Confidence year, your children are gaining skills and attitudes for their further swim learning, where they will use the bigger pool. The major goal for J&C children is to gain comfort and confidence in the water. Learning routines for starting/ending Swimming, play-learning opportunities, and water safety are also very important. Our current Unit of Inquiry – Communication – is also integral to these swim lessons.

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Communication Through Our Daily Routines

Communication is happening constantly both inside and outside our classroom.  This communication may be verbal, non-verbal, in the child’s native tongue, or in a second language, but no matter which method of communication is used, our students are always able to find ways to get their points across.  As a classroom team, we have been working to model different ways of communication for our Little People as we move through our daily routines.

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Our First Unit of Inquiry

As we move into our fifth week of school, we are delving into our first Unit of Inquiry on Communication.

UOI #1: Communication
Central Idea: Communication provides opportunities for us to interact with people.
Transdisciplinary Theme: How we express ourselves

As we progress through this Unit of Inquiry, we will inquire into ways we can express our needs, how to communicate positively with peers, and our responses to situations.

Learner Profiles: Communicators, Open-minded, Risk-takers
Attitudes: Cooperation, Confidence, Independence
Key Concepts: Connection, Reflection
Arts Focus: Communication, Self-expression, Responding and Creating (Dance, music, drama, visual arts)

As we work through this Cycle of Inquiry, we will be learning how to choose effective and appropriate forms of communication and how our communication impacts our interactions with others.  Check back to the blog for updates on our progress!