Tuning in

During the following weeks we will be inquiring  into our first unit on communication. Through this inquiry, we hope to find out about many ways of communicating positively with our friends and family and respond to situations.

Transdisciplinary Theme: How We Express Ourselves

Central Idea: Communication provides opportunities for us to interact with people

Lines of Inquiry:

  1. Ways in which we can communicate
  2. Choosing effective and appropriate forms of communication
  3. Interacting with people

Key Concepts:

  • Reflection
  • Function
  • Responsibility

We have begun tuning  in by learning each other’s names and recognizing our friends though joining in with our ‘Good Morning’ song in our morning circle time.

Our Good Morning song

Our Good Morning song

Signing in

Signing in

Part of tuning into of lines of inquiry is learning to be cooperative when sharing spaces and materials with my peers during our play. We have already begun to see some friendships forming …

20180830_101240                                      Copy of 20180820_115105

As the unit progresses we will further explore  how best to communicate positively with peers and respond to situations.

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