Importance of Reading at Home

During a recent Parent Working Group meeting, our Director of Teaching and Learning spoke about the importance of reading aloud to our children, both at home and school. Reading can begin at the age of infancy through looking at pictures, listening to an adult’s voice, and pointing to objects on pages.

As you read, you should guide your child through the parts of reading a story. Begin by simply pointing at the pictures and commenting about the various objects you see. This is called a walk-through and it helps draw attention to pictures to help associate it with words and real-world objects.

“Without a doubt, reading aloud is a gift you can freely give your children from the day you bring them home from the hospital until the time they leave the nest. Children’s reading experts agree that reading aloud is the easiest and most effective way to turn children into lifelong readers. And it’s as much fun for you as it is for your children.”
-Reading Aloud to Your Child: The Loving, Personal Gift, Source: RIF Parent Guide Brochure

MYIS Encouraging Reading

Reading at MYIS

Reading at MYIS

To help parents and students make reading a daily activity, we will be creating an Audio E-Book library for iPads and other digital devices for students to read and share. Parents will record their voice reading a story. The voice will be added to the E-book collection, so the child can follow along and turn the pages, listening with various parent voices.

Reading Aloud To A Child

Children Reading

Children Reading

The benefits of having a parent or other adults read aloud to children has been studied and researched. Findings have shown it to be one the most important activities for children from birth.

Based on the research by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), indicates, “Reading is the single most important skill necessary for a happy, productive and successful life. A child that is an excellent reader is a confident child, has a high level of self esteem and is able to easily make the transition from learning to read to reading to learn.

Reading Aloud

Read Aloud to a child today, Nancy Anne Wartman

Don’t Skip Evening Readings

Dont Skip Readings

Dont Skip Readings

A research study on independent reading and young students by Nagy and Herman shows that simply reading for 20 minutes every day can significantly increase the chances of your child’s educational success in the future.

In addition to the 20 minutes a day, it is important that this activity starts as soon as possible. Even if a child is still learning to read, the act of turning the page is considered a form of reading. Children can learn a lot of information from the illustrations and the words that they do understand.

If it is a new activity for your family, you do not need to reach the full 20 minutes at first. However, the first goal should be making the time for reading with your child everyday. Later it will be easy to accomplish the 20 minutes of reading once the routine is established. It is a fun activity that promotes bonding and other non-educational benefits as well. Books are readily available at the MYIS library!

The average kindergarten student has seen more than 5,000 hours of television, having spent more time in front of the TV than it takes to earn a bachelor’s degree.Reading Tube

Schools cannot accomplish it alone. We only see students 176 days a year for seven hours a day. For the rest of the time, students are influenced by the number of books in their home and their parents’ reading habits. Therefore, parents need to provide reading materials and model strong reading habits at home. (Why can’t I skip my 20 minutes of reading tonight?, Nagy & Herman)

If you haven’t stressed the importance of daily reading with your child yet, today is a great day to start!

Reading Will Change Your Child’s Life

Mem Fox’s Reading Magic – Why Reading Aloud to your Children will change their lives forever video. Mem Fox is a famous Australian children’s story author and International Respected Literacy Expert and Best-Selling Author.

Learn More About Reading

We hope you enjoy browsing our little package of resources that support the importance of “Reading Aloud”. You can discover more research-related information at MYIS through the following means:

  • Visiting our Library
  • Visiting our Website blog and Education blogs
  • During Parent Working Group meetings (first Tuesday monthly)
  • Parent Story Reading (Stay tuned, to be announced shortly)

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