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Thank you parents for attending our informational session on the “IB PYP Beyond the Early Years” on October 13, 2015. Your turnout helped support our goal of providing our community with unique learning and educational opportunities!

For this event, we invited the Primary School Principal of KIS International School, Ms. June van den Bos, to share her experiences and knowledge of the IB PYP and what learning looks like for students as they move beyond the early years and through a complete IB program.

Parent Initiative

Based on parent feedback and their keen interest to learn more about the the PYP, our school leaders decided to reach out to a fellow IB school, which offers the full range of IB programmes, to provide parents with additional information and real examples of how the IB PYP framework impacts student success. Ms. June proved to be a great source of information for our parent community as she also shed light on the IB MYP (Middle Years Programme), which many of our students will transition to after Grade 5.

KIS IB Workshop

KIS Presentation

After a brief introduction and talking about her background, Ms. June shared how she has been fortunate enough to see students complete the entire IB programme at KIS starting from the early years until Grade 12.

Through this experience, Ms. June explained how she has witnessed first-hand the impact the IB has on equipping students for a complex and globally-connected future. She discussed how the IB provides students unique skill sets and shows them that learning is not about reaching the finish line, rather it is a lifelong journey. The presentation also provided clarity on how the MYP and the DP (Diploma Programme) compare with the PYP.

One important take-away comment was about the critical nature of parent involvement in the IB Programme. Like many IB World Schools, Ms. June shared that her school also places great emphasis on the role of parents in their child’s education as a home-school partnership is vital for a child’s academic success.

She noted that Magic Years parents are at an advantage in terms of parent involvement, because of our school’s open-door policy and the encouragement that the school leaders give to parents to become active participants in their child’s learning through a range of experiences.

Q&A Session

After Ms. June’s presentation, the parents were eager to ask a number of questions based on their curiosity and understanding of the PYP. Parents asked thoughtful questions, including what possibilities await their children upon completing the PYP experience at Magic Years.

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