KPIS Spelling Bee

Third graders at Magic Years International School were invited to participate in KPIS Inter-School Spelling Bee on Friday, November 13. As their first time participating in an inter-school exchange of this nature, all of our students performed confidently and had fun doing so. Not only was it a great opportunity to associate with students from other international schools, but also a unique experience to take risks, overcome challenges and face adversity.

Nearly 20 international schools, each with three teams, took part in the event. There were more than 50 children for each of the three grade-levels and including parents and friends in attendance, it was a packed auditorium that may have appeared intimidating to some. To our third grade students, however, they were not the least bit phased as they confidently entered unfamiliar territory, stood in front of a large audience, and spelled random words from a list of 300 words studied prior to the event.

Third grade Magic Years student, Sophia Yilmaz, advanced to the 3rd round while her teammates enthusiastically cheered her on.

Even after all the Magic Years students were out of the competition, they continued to eagerly watch and attempt to spell the challenging words that remained in the final rounds.

We are very proud that students entered this competition, studied hard, and performed well – even though it was held on a holiday! In addition to being rewarded with prizes for their efforts, our Grade 3 students gained a valuable experience and came to appreciate the joys of being challenged and always trying their best. With this new experience in hand, our students are looking forward to the next inter-school challenge that comes their way!

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