Loy Kratong Activities

Loy Krathong, a traditional Thai festival, is celebrated annually at Magic Years and allows students, parents and teachers to connect with the home country and celebrate the Thai tradition of making krathongs, decorative flower baskets, and floating the krathongs to make a wish.

Loy Krathong Assembly

The festivities began with an Assembly by the Creativity & Service class. The children proved themselves to be both Communicators and Risk-takers, as they took to the stage in front of our large community. They shared their knowledge of the history of the Loy Krathong story along with their reflections on how we can show appreciation to water usage and conservation.

They painted pictures which included the Krathongs, flowers, the river, boats, the full moon and fireworks.
The performance began with students sharing their artwork depicting the traditions of Loy Krathong. They then took turns teaching us what are the materials used to make a krathong and the process of creating one. They provided instructions in both Thai and English for our diverse group of audience members who would need this information to carry out their own activities later.

Finally, the students ended the Assembly with a traditional Loy Krathong song and dance. In Music class with Ms. Nance, they learnt the Loy Krathong song and used scarves to dance with and rhythm sticks to mark the beat.

Making Kratongs

Making Kratongs

Making Kratongs

Each class community, including children, teachers, and families, then participated in a cooperative activity to make their Krathongs with banana trunks, banana leaves, and used flowers to decorate. Children progressed through 4 different stations to assemble their krathongs. The stations were written with instructions in both Thai and English for everyone to follow.

Krathong Process

Loy Kratong Stations

Loy Kratong Stations

  • Step 1: Find your Krathong – children had already prepared the banana base earlier in the week during woodworking class.
  • Step 2: Add banana leaves around your Krathong
  • Step 3: Decorate your Krathong with flowers
  • Step 4: Add a candle and incense to your Krathong

The children demonstrated independence in following the steps to make their own Krathong, with plenty of feedback and discussion along the way.

Thai Games

Our Thai teacher introduced the local Thai game known as ‘Mon Son Pha’.

Everyone sang and danced ‘Ram Wong’ to the Loy Krathong song. Children and parents had the chance to play and experiment with traditional Thai instruments.

Floating Kratongs

To conclude the day’s festivities, class communities assembled at the pool and danced the Ram Wong around the pool with the Loy Krathong song playing in the background. The Krathongs were then taken to be respectfully floated in water. Everyone made a wish and then floated their Krathongs into the water together.


Loy Krathong marked a wonderful occasion for the community to come together to celebrate meaningful traditions and show appreciation towards one of our host country’s most important national festivals. In doing so, we also paid respect to one of our planet’s vital natural resources – water.

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