MYIS 2015 Teacher Inservice

As the summer school came to a close and students were getting ready to begin a new year, our teachers were heading back to school.

During our annual Teacher In-service Week, it is a time for us to meet our new teaching team, build relationships, plan for the next year, and have some fun.

New MYIS Team Members

This time of year is filled with much excitement as we also welcome many new faces to the Magic Years team. This year’s in-service began by introducing our newest team members. We would like to extend a warm welcome to each one of them:

  • Ms. Annie (Head Teacher)
  • Mr. Bren Buckley (Head Teacher)
  • Ms. Marnie Augello (Head Teacher)
  • Ms. Helena Arranz (Head Teacher)
  • Mr. Richard Poulin (Administration)
  • Ms. Sarah Wenzel-Arnberg (Intern)
  • Ms. Caterina Nielsen (Intern)

MY International School Environment

We toured our school and learned the new layout. Teachers could begin to plan as they explored each area. This year we have a few improvements and additions to our facilities and spaces:

  1. The Recycling Shed has been transformed into a Design Thinking lab where we plan to engage the children in the process of design (investigating, designing, planning, creating and evaluating).
  2. A convenient, permanent and safe space has been created to serve as a swimming pool and water play area for our youngest students.
  3. The Visual Arts Studio has been extended to include space for both arts creation and exhibitions.
  4. The Primary Years class (Grades 1-3) has been expanded to increase space for indoor-outdoor activities.
  5. Our leadership and administrative working spaces have been rearranged to include a new Office of Teaching and Learning, housing our Director of Teaching and Learning Director/PYP Coordinator along with her team of academic coaches.

Implementing the PYP Framework

As Magic Years is an accredited IB World School, it is important that every teacher and team member understand how we incorporate this curriculum into Magic Years International School. We accomplish this through workshops, meetings and one-on-one advising by our curriculum coordinator.

There is a lot of information for our teachers to absorb the first few weeks back, which is why we make time for some fun team building activities.

Teacher Training

Teacher Training 2015

Team Building

MYIS Team Building 2015

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