Primary Years Assembly 2015

Congratulations to our Primary Years students on being risk-takers and completing their first assembly of the year. Their performance was informative and creative. The students discussed their Unit of Inquiry and related it to their exploration of Multiple Intelligence and Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats.

The Primary Years students’ unit of inquiry uncovered how our differences, interests and abilities allows us to develop an identity. This led the students to investigate what makes them “smart” and how that compares to others. Their interest in this topic led to the students’ desire to share their learning during the school assembly.

Primary Years Assembly 2015

The Primary Years Assembly with introducing themselves and then shaking hands with MY International School community while singing their international “Hello Song” of many languages. Next the audience had to watch closely to identify which “Thinking Hat” each Primary Year student represented during the First Day of Soccer School skit.

Edward de Bono Six Thinking Hats

6 Thinking Hats

6 Thinking Hats

Six Thinking Hats was originally published by Edward de Bono as a self-help book that described a tool for group and individual thinking. Thinking was done by “putting on” different colored hats. Each color hat associated with a different ideal on how to think in order to provide a more detailed and broader thought.

Put On Your Thinking Hats

The White Hat calls for information known or needed. “The facts, just the facts.”

The Yellow Hat symbolizes brightness and optimism. Under this hat you explore the positives and probe for value and benefit.

The Black Hat is judgment – the devil’s advocate or why something may not work. Spot the difficulties and dangers; where things might go wrong. Probably the most powerful and useful of the Hats but a problem if overused.

The Red Hat signifies feelings, hunches and intuition. When using this hat you can express emotions and feelings and share fears, likes, dislikes, loves, and hates.

The Green Hat focuses on creativity; the possibilities, alternatives, and new ideas. It’s an opportunity to express new concepts and new perceptions.

The Blue Hat is used to manage the thinking process. It’s the control mechanism that ensures the Six Thinking Hats guidelines are observed.

Multiple Intelligence

Thailand Multiple Intelligences

Thailand Multiple Intelligences

The Theory of Multiple Intelligence separates intelligence into different sections instead of seeing it as one ability. This model was presented in “Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligence” by Howard Gardner. Although this model was originally presented in 1983, it continues to be researched and presented differently.

Gardner explained eight criteria for a behavior to be considered an intelligence.

These eight criteria are:

  • musical–rhythmic
  • visual–spatial
  • verbal–linguistic
  • logical–mathematical
  • bodily–kinesthetic
  • interpersonal
  • intrapersonal
  • naturalistic

Frames of Mind Ebook

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