Visiting The Construction Site

Primary Years students at Magic Years International School (MYIS) have taken an active role in learning about the construction of the new school campus, and following the construction updates. On November 11, 2015, they made a class visit to the new campus to view firsthand the progress.

Prior to visiting the campus, students met with members of the MYIS new campus architectural team to learn more about what skills are necessary to become an architect and how the design process unfolded in the construction of the new campus. Meeting with an Architect.


With that background information, the students were ready to visit the construction site. Ms. Annie encouraged her students to form a plan for the field trip. The plan included what information they would need to collect while visiting the site, the schedule of the field trip, and most importantly specific safety measures to follow.

KWL Chart

KWL Chart


Before departing, students completed the “Know” and “Wonder” section of their KWL Chart. The “Learned” section would be filled out after their visit.

Student donned their safety helmets and set off on their field trip.

Tour of the Campus

Students were given a tour of the new campus. Although they did not physically enter the buildings, the chief foreman was able to use a laser pointer to identify certain construction areas. As the foreman pointed out the different construction zones, the excitement increased and questions arose.

Students had to visualize what the finished buildings would eventually look like.

Construction Office

The class retreated to the cool construction office to complete their field trip with a Q&A session. Students asked questions from their KWL Chart and recorded their information. With each topic discussed, there were several follow-up questions and  a lot of back-and-forth dialogue.


The students returned to school and immediately shared their excitement with friends and teachers. They would use their experience to create books and journal entries.

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