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Day 658: Final Touches to the New Campus
Day 603: Front Car Park Almost Complete
Day 589: Final Stages of Architectural Construction
Day 568: Work in Car Park Begins
Day 554: Swimming Pool and Gym Room Near Completion
Day 540: Fittings in Classrooms and Bathrooms In Progress
Day 526: Architectural Work Continues at Rapid Pace
Day 507: Teachers Visit New Campus
Day 490: Significant Progress Over the Summer
Day 422: Masonry Work 90% Complete

Day 658: Final Touches to the New Campus

Here’s what happened during the winter break!

Some final touches were made to the new campus site before the arrival of all the teachers on January 9th. A few empty plots of land were transformed into what are now playgrounds for the students. Before the installation of the playgrounds took place, the land was prepped and more trees were planted around the site, adding to the collection of trees that were planted before. Once this was done, work on the playgrounds began – the jungle gyms were built, swings installed and slides attached. To complete the look, grass was added to the area to give it a green and lively feel.  Cement was also laid down for the bicycle path that surrounds the area of the playground.

With the completion of the above, the school began to look and feel more whole and complete – just in time to welcome all our teachers back to prepare for a new school term!

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Day 603: Front Car Park Almost Complete

November 15, 2016

The front of school car park is now almost complete! The cement flooring is finished and the shade awning for the school bus drop off point is installed. The ramps for the car park entrance and exit to the street level have also been completed and now what remains is only the installation of the car park gates. The multipurpose flooring for the gym room has been measured, rolled out and laid on the floor of the gym room giving the area a beautiful feel! Next, the flooring will need to be permanently fixed to the gym floor. The protective metal louvre for the swimming pool area is complete along with the shower area and sand wash flooring. New trees have been brought to the campus and planted in the L-shaped playground giving the area additional shade and a green, natural look. Final architectural finishes are underway including the assembling of cupboards in different pantry areas and the installation of air-conditioners in the classrooms.

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Day 589: Final Stages of Architectural Construction

November 1, 2016

With just 6 weeks to go before the start of our move to the new campus, the architectural construction is in its final stages! The fence around the swimming pool is nearing completion. The hardwood rail has been installed along the fence of the swimming pool on one side and a protective metal louvre is being installed on the other side. The light fixtures, air-conditioners and paint finish is completed in the gym room and now the ground is being prepared for the multi-purpose flooring. The hardwood rails in the steel bridge, amphitheatre and signature tree area are now complete with a paint finish. All the wooden doors throughout the campus have also been installed with a paint finish. The staircase banisters and railings have also received a final sanding and paint finish.

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Day 568: Work in Car Park Begins

October 11, 2016

Work has begun in the car park at the front entrance of the new campus. Steel support structures have been installed for the school bus boarding zone. A canopy shade will soon be assembled and the car park floor will receive cement pouring. After tiling was completed in the swimming pool, the fence has been erected around the perimeter of the pool area. Bathrooms have received final touches including the placement of mirrors and safety grab bars for the handicapped bathrooms. The air-conditioners have been installed in the large gym room and what remains is the multi-purpose flooring. Hardwood handrails have been placed in several areas of the school including the second floor verandah overlooking the amphitheatre and the steel bridge. Work has now also begun in the large playground which includes the construction of the woodworking shed and the work shed.

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Day 554: Swimming Pool and Gym Room Near Completion

September 27, 2016

Tiling in the swimming pool has been completed. Bricks are currently being laid to construct a wall for the pool showers. The remaining work in the swimming pool includes the sand wash floor finishing and the pool fence. The plaster work in the big gym is complete along with painting. The gym’s basketball hoops have been installed along with the light fixtures. The remaining work includes the multi-purpose flooring and installation of air-conditioners.  The intricate fence for the second floor overlooking the amphitheatre has been built along with a similar version for the second floor verandah surrounding the signature tree. The steel bridge work is now complete with a neat paint finish. Curved windows have been installed in the foyer area of the main building near the front entrance of the school. The sand wash floor in all areas of the first floor is almost complete including the foyer and the large cafeteria. Workers have also begun the process of installing kitchen equipment including the commercial exhaust hood and duct.  Lighting fixtures have been installed in all rooms now including the third floor office. Fire alarm signs, sirens and light/plug fixtures are currently being set up in each of the classrooms. Certainly a lot of progress at the new campus in the last two weeks!

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Day 540: Fittings in Classrooms and Bathrooms In Progress

September 13, 2016

Interior work at the new campus site has started to move quickly especially in the classrooms and bathrooms. After bathroom floor tiling was completed, partition doors (orange and yellow) were installed in the different student and adult bathrooms. Sanitary ware including toilets and sinks were also fitted in the bathrooms. In the classrooms, light fixtures were installed in the remaining classrooms including the third floor with neat hanging fixtures. Door frames and glass windows have also been installed in the classrooms on the 1st and 2nd floors. The big gym room has now received its ceiling and plaster finish and awaits the multi-purpose flooring. The wall plastering is complete in the school bridge along with the sand wash floor finishing. Tile work has begun in the swimming pool while on the other side of the L-shaped playground the school’s signature tree stands tall and green! Temporary school signs have been placed on the fence perimeter as installation of the permanent school signs will follow soon.

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Day 526: Architectural Work Continues at Rapid Pace

August 30, 2016

Work continues at a rapid pace at the new campus with the majority of construction milestones on schedule if not ahead of schedule. Flooring is complete on the second and third floor of the buildings. Window frames and glass are currently being installed in classrooms and the front building.  The fence perimeter is erected and what remains is the architectural finishing for the fence at the front of the campus. The bridge steel structure connecting the buildings is complete along with cement flooring and the bridge walls. The staircase railings and balustrade are near completion. Ceramic tile laying is also underway for certain rooms such as the Parent Working Group room, first floor office rooms and bathrooms. Heat insulation and sound proofing have been installed on the third floor and in the gym room. Both school playgrounds have been leveled and cleared and now await landscaping and the assembling of equipment. The cement structure for the early years swimming pool is also complete which is to be followed by tile laying.

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Day 507: Teachers Visit New Campus

August 11, 2016

On the last day of August In-Service, the academic staff of Magic Years ventured outside the school premises to visit their future home and the site of the new Magic Years campus! In preparation for the move to the new campus (only a few short months away), the staff of Magic Years had the chance to see their future classrooms and learning spaces. One of the main objectives of this initial field trip was to “get a feel” for the spaces and to start visualizing the myriad possibilities for how learning environments could be designed.

Throughout the tour of the new campus, there were many positive reflections, “WOW” moments, excitement, and a genuine appreciation for being a part of this pivotal stage of the school’s growth and development. Overall, it was an “energizing” experience for the staff and it ended the two weeks of August In-Service with a huge buzz!

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Day 490: Significant Progress Over the Summer

July 25, 2016

The summer months are nearing its end and during this time we have seen significant progress at the new campus. The masonry work is 100% complete along with the plastering of the interior walls and the first layer of paint. Much of the flooring is finished including in the large gym room and the third floor classrooms. Fittings have also been done to prepare for installation of the curved windows in the second floor library. A large crane was brought to the site to carry out the steel work for the bridge connecting each floor of the two main buildings.

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Day 422: Masonry Work 90% Complete

May 18, 2016

The masonry work for the new campus is now 90% complete. Walking into the buildings with the walls newly constructed gives a sense of the spacious classrooms and learning spaces for the students. The construction workers have also begun the plastering work for the classroom walls and the ceiling slabs. Plumbing work is now underway including the main water supply piping installation. A separate team of workers has also entered the site to initiate the electrical conduit installation.


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