Vision of Growth

Vision of Growth

World Vision

At Magic Years our long-term vision for the future has always been to impact as many families as possible through the quality programs we provide in early childhood education. Since our founding in 1991, we have maintained an excellent program educationally and sound progress financially.

The growth in demand for our program over time has resulted in the need to move to three different campuses – each one larger than the previous and always profitable and cash flow positive. Despite our continued success, one thing we have lacked over the years is a permanent home. Now, more than ever, we feel ready to create that home, expand our business, and build a new campus which will soon become our flagship school and allow us to reach out and impact more families than ever before.

Several factors have led to our decision to expand and build a new campus at this point in time:

  • To locate the school closer to where most of our current and future students live.
  • To offer a primary school and provide the facilities for students who currently leave Magic Years upon graduating from Kindergarten.
  • To own the land on which the school is located which will add more value to our business and provide more future stability.
  • To make use of the excellent combination amongst the management, teaching and administration team in place to lead the next phase of Magic Years.
  • To fulfill our vision of providing quality education and impacting more families than ever before.
  • To create a purpose-built school tailored to our vision, principles and curriculum with state-of-the-art facilities, services and environment for the 21st century education of our children.


Put simply, expansion is the logical next step for a school that has experienced constant growth and profitability over the past twenty plus years.

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