Archive - November 18, 2016

What Learning Takes Place in the Kitchen?

What Learning Takes Place in the Kitchen?

One of the most popular and consistently used centers in Peace & Unity is the kitchen.

Where is the Kitchen Center?

It sits in the back corner of one of the classrooms with a table and chairs in the middle. The kitchen also includes 2 ovens, a shelf set-up like a pantry, and 2 shelves that function as cabinets. The space is large, and is set-up in a square, with many items such as food, pots/pans, dishes and utensils.  Here the children cook food and create stories with their peers.  Since the beginning of the school year, every child in the Peace & Unity has used this center, and we have seen relationships formed, as well as all 5 Elements of the PYP demonstrated. We are excited by all the learning we have seen, and would to share.

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