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Field trip to Domino’s Pizza

Field trip to Domino’s Pizza

During our final week of our third unit of inquiry, Peace & Unity went on a field trip to Domino’s Pizza. We have been learning about tools, the function of tools, and responsible use of tools. After months of playing and exploring new tools in our classroom, it was time to put our skills to practice on this field trip. Children were excited for this long anticipated annual field trip.

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While at Domino’s, children got to go behind the counter and be trained in the methods of making pizza by the Domino’s pizza masters.  Children stretched out their dough, added pizza sauce, and choose and placed their own toppings. Once the pizza was assembled, the students (with the help of adults) placed their pizzas in the oven. We ended our field trip with a pizza party and enjoyed eating our pizza’s before heading back to Magic Years.