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Our First Month of Peace & Unity Class!

Our First Month of Peace & Unity Class!


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We’ve had a great first month of class, and everyone is getting settled in.  We had connected with old friends and met some new friends. Who did you play with today? So far we have engaged with a variety of materials in a variety of spaces. Many students have commented that they love making and building things.  Scroll through the pictures for the evidence!

We are exploring all the toys in the classroom.

Making pancakes and cookies at playground time.

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We have wooden blocks and this is some friends helping Ms.Ploy put it together.

We are building an ice skating rink, houses and a tall tower with metallic blocks.


We love to build with those metallic blocks! We do a great job of sharing with our friends.

We are making cookies and different monsters with playdough!


We are learning new songs during our morning meeting!


group morning meeting

Sometimes we enjoy collaborating or working side by side.  And sometimes we pick a special activity to do on our own.

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Our PE teachers, Ms.Bee and Mr.Chairat teach us Physical Education and Swimming.


Mr.Chairat also teaches us Industrial Arts. It is fun to create something using our imagination.

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Mr. Emmanuel teaches Art to us.

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Ms.Fon and Mr.Game teach us Music. We get to explore music by playing different instruments.

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Mrs. Jacky teaches us Thai in a fun way that we get to know how to say ‘Hello’ and ‘Thank you’  in Thai!


We are looking forward to a great year, full of much growth and learning! It’s already starting. Please know that all of the Peace and Unity students have engaged with multiple materials and areas, even if there is not a photo posted here. Sometimes we are working with them as well, so it is hard to snap those pictures! The documentation will continue in this blog – see you soon on the next posting!


Peace and Unity Team