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May 17-22
May 4-8
March 30- April 3
March 16-20
March 2-6
February 23-27
February 16-18
February 9-13
Open House Presentation (Term 2)
February 2-6
January 26-30
January 19-23
January 12-16
December 15-19
December 8-12

May 17-22

We worked to complete our “Not A Box” project within our small groups. As we began reflecting on the project we discussed the process, the challenges, and thought about what we would have changed or added to help our presentation of how stories influence our thinking.

We demonstrated that we are confident risk-takers as we presented our learning of the roles stories play in our lives at the Term 2 Celebration. Thank you for all your support!

*Unfortunately, we have been having difficulty adding photographs to our blog and this will be the last post. Throughout the next two weeks we will be closing our unit, and selecting work for our portfolios. Each child will be given a CD of the pictures taken throughout the year.

We would like to give a big thank you to all the families for your support in making this a positive school year filled with growth and learning.

-The Peace and Unity Team

May 4-8

We are continuing to explore how stories can support our thinking and challenge our views as we collaborate in small groups to design our box constructions. Everyday we meet to communicate on progress, express our ideas, and reflect on how our prior experiences or other stories we know can support our work. We are showing great group decision making skills, listening skills, and self management skills.

We reflected and told stories about on our favorite toys from home and shared our appreciation for our belongings. Next, we considered how it might feel to be a child with no toys at home, “sad, boring, they can only play hide-and-seek”. Finally, We used our creativity to sand and paint wooden box toys for children at a local orphanage. Some of the children even decided to add messages such as “have fun, don’t break it, and share”.

In clay we completed our long paper mache’s project by touching up the last coat of white paint and adding watercolor.

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March 30- April 3

This week, we inquired into what a character is and their role in stories. To support us in understanding the roles stories play in our lives we are creating a class book documenting the adventures of Superhero bear-man (peace class) and Girl (unity class). First we had a group discussion of possible names for the bears, after we narrowed it down to two names we voted then counted the name that received the most votes. We are very excited be the authors of the story.

After reading “Not A Stick” by Antoinette Portis we searched the playground for sticks then used our imagination and crayons/markers to turn the stick into another item. We will combine our individual page to create our own “Not A Stick” book.

To support us in understanding characters we are working on creating our own life-sized models which share many of our characteristics. After tracing our body,and measuring our height & weight, we began painting our characters. In the coming weeks we will continue to explore our characteristics and how/why characters are created.

Please check back next week for photos as there is a technical issue with the upload. We apologize.

March 16-20

We spent the week preparing, enjoying, then reflecting on our field trip.

Prior to our trip we made predictions on what we would see, collaborated to brainstorm ideas regarding how we could contribute to the garden, and discussed how we could be a good partner and stay safe during our outing.

During the trip we enjoyed feeding the fish & chickens, transferring bok choy seedlings to our containers, and working with worms. We were very excited to observe and taste many of the different fruits and vegetables growing in the garden.

After our trip we reflected by verbally sharing our favorite part of the trip, and working in our journals to visually document our learning. We worked on our speaking listening, and writing skills as we we participated in a peer-review in the form of an interview.

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March 2-6

This week we focused on extending our knowledge of the properties of various shapes in our environment and recreating these shapes in the various learning centers. We fished for shapes, drew shapes, and threaded shapes.

At the light table, we engaged in a scientific experimentation to observe the properties of oil as we created lava lamps. We enjoyed changing variables to create different affects and movements in our lamps.

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February 23-27

This week we have been continuing our investigation into tools.

On Monday we explored P’ Somsak’s tool shed where we learned about the tools he uses to create furniture for our classrooms.

We were thrilled to have a visit from Mr Oom, Dhada’s uncle who is an architect. Mr Oom demonstrated the way he uses various tools uses in his work. Some children spent time gluing walls on the 3D model of a house that Mr Oom bought to show us. After this visit, we reflected on our learning in our journals and communicated our ideas about architects’ tools.

On Thursday,we found a found a caterpillar in our classroom. We inquired into its life cycle by checking out related books from the library and communicating our prior knowledge about butterflies. After engaging in thorough research and brainstorming tools and materials needed top create a caterpillar habitat we collected leaves, flowers, and wood to make a safe and natural home for our caterpillar.

The children are thoroughly enjoying their investigations in this unit and are also taking little tools outside to tinker with during snack time. This unit of inquiry is coming to a close and we will then begin our unit on ‘Reflective Stories.’

Enjoy your weekend,

Peace and Unity team

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February 16-18

Kitchen tools: We continued to explore various tools chefs use to complete their work. We used an electric mixer to help us whip a delicious cream topping. We were very observant as we discussed the “liquid and cold texture” before the whipping and the “creamy soft” texture after whipping. We were surprised that our hand became very tired from holding the mixer and decided we did not want whip manually with a whisk because “it would take too long”. We enjoyed our whip cream-topped crackers.

Parent Visit: We extended our knowledge and understanding of kitchen tools as Noah’s mother (Verena) came in to explain how the German Sausage chopper makes meals easier for factory workers.

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February 9-13

Pendulum Painting: We inquired into how pendulums works as we created paintings with an improvised pendulum. We enjoyed taking turns swinging the pendulum forwards and back, and in a circular motion as we observed how the paint dripped onto the paper. We noticed; “the full bottle swings faster”, and “bottles [swinging] in the circle stops before sideways swinging”. We also had fun counting to see how long it took for the bottles to become still again.

Dropper Painting:
We used doctor’s droppers and food coloring to create works of art. We enjoyed combining colors and observing the paper towel absorb the liquid.

Scales: We engaged in a deeper exploration of different types of scales and their uses. We used the balance scale to compare the weights of our favorite classroom materials.

Bicycle Tools: Naiyanna’s parents (Jess and Andy), came in to show us their triathlon bicycle; they demonstrated how to ride the it and taught us the names of the bicycle’s various parts. We were excited to observe and help them change a flat tire using tire tools, and compressed air.

Kitchen Tools:
We continued exploring tools that help us cook. We used a whisk, spatula, and hot plate to cook an omelette. As we attempted to crack the eggs we quickly learned how to do so in a careful manner so it did not create a mess and leave shells. When the omelette was cooked we used the the spatula to serve ourselves. The consensus: Delicious!

Valentines Craft: After reading “My Heart is Like a Zoo” , the children created animals using various-sized heart shapes. The children created wolves, racoons, cats, and penguins. Thank you P’Bow and P’ook for organizing and leading the activity!
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February 2-6

Sketchbooks: Mrs. Zoe came in to share drawings from her sketchbook and help us understand the benefits of keeping our drawings together in one book. After careful planning, each of us created a unique sketchbook and began filling it with wonderful drawings.

Kitchen Tools:
We explored kitchen tools and machines to gain a deeper understanding of their uses, and how they are used to make some of our favorite foods. We extended our vocabulary as we worked with an electronic mixer, blender, whisk, beater, spatula, measuring cups and ladle. We chose different ingredients as worked together to make smoothies.

Painting: We explored neon colors as we created squeeze paintings on black paper. We noticed it was “bright like the sun, easy to see [and] looks like melted candy”.

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January 26-30

Tool Painting: We explored the properties, shapes, and versatility of various tools as we printed, painted, and mixed colors to create collaborative and individual works of art.

Extending our understanding: After working with Dr. Tip, We used a digital scale to measure our weight, plotted our weight on a graph, then compared our weight with others. We worked on number recognition and one to one correspondence as we documented our weight for later reference.

Sports Day: We demonstrated the ability to communicate and collaborate with each other as we engaged in various Sports Day games.
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January 19-23

Tools: We extended our understanding about the purpose of carpenters tools as we began disassembling old electronics as well as the bicycle in our classrooms “Fixing Store”. As we worked we began discussing possible purposes of individual parts and sharing our knowledge of engines, fans, and batteries. We noticed that most tools correspond to specific pieces and sizes. We were very focused as we sorted screws based on the different head styles.

Special Circle Time:Tarn’s father, Dr. Tip, conducted a presentation on the tools he uses to check and treat his patients. We were very excited to try the stethoscope in order to listen to our friends’ heartbeat.

Office: We were very busy in our writing center/office as we typed emails, made copies, and prepared letters to send out. We demonstrated our knowledge of the purpose of office tools as we called the “Fixing Store” whenever there was a problem.

Assembly: We demonstrated confidence in our ability to share our learning as performed two songs about changes in materials.
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January 12-16

We were excited to be back at school and began to make a smooth transition into our third unit on tools!

Reflection: During group time we reflected on our vacation and drew pictures to represent our adventures. We demonstrated our communication skills as we shared vacation stories with our peers.

Mallet Painting: As we have started to explore different tools we used a rubber mallet to create symmetrical paintings. After splattering on one side of a paper we folded it in half and hammered away!

Hospital: We were excited to work in our classroom emergency room. We enjoyed pretending to caring be doctors, and nurses as we tended to our sick patients. We also tended to the babies in our classroom nursery by feeding, changing, and reading to them.

Tools: We explored how tools can be used to construct and connect projects. After discussing how to be safe carpenters we used real hammers, nails, screws, and screwdrivers, to assemble and disassemble constructions.

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December 15-19

Unit Wrap Up: This week worked on our portfolios as part of our unit reflection. We also shared ideas on what to plant in our garden and bought in seeds to compare shape, size, and plant types.

Year End Celebration: We were excited to welcome families into our classroom to share our learning and engage in holiday fun. Unfortunately technical difficulties prevent us from adding photos of the party, we are working it and will attempt to reload them at a later date.
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December 8-12

Changes of State: We continued to explore the concept of changes of state as we worked in the ice sensory area. We noted that the heat makes it melt and made connections to other items that melt.

Ice Painting: As we painted with ice cubes we observed it change from a solid to a liquid.

Crayon Recycling: After watching a video of the process of making crayons we decided to reuse the crayons in our classroom. We collected the old crayons combined different colors in molds. We took another trip to the oven and watched as the crayons melted into the shape of the molds.

Volcano: As a group we discussed the color we would paint our volcano. After we painted the volcano we created an eruption using vinegar and baking soda. We were very excited to see the lava ooze from the volcano; it sparked interesting conversations about dinosaurs, islands, and fire safety.

Poly-Carbonate: Noah brought in poly-carbonate for us to explore. We were excited to learn that poly-carbonate can be found in some objects around our school.

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