Color Mixing

As part of Unit 2: Changing Materials, student have been looking at how colors change.  Over two activities this week, students were given the opportunity to mix two primary colors together.  During these activities, students made predictions, observed a change, and came up with a conclusion.

Activity 1- Mixing Paint


Step 1-

Students were asked to choose their two favorite primary colors (blue, red, and yellow). Once students chose their two colors,  the teaching team put the two colors into two small zip-lock bags.

Step 2-

Students then helped a teacher pour the two colors of paint into a large zip-lock bag. Students got to choose the amount of each color they put into the bags.  They were then given the responsibility of closing the bag once they finished pouring the paint.

Step 3-

Mixing!  The students mixed their colors together by squeezing and squishing their zip-loc bags to created one new color.

Step 4-

Students made observations about the new color they had created.

Activity 2- Dying Sugar

One thing we noticed during the first color-mixing activity was that most students understood that mixing colors created new ones, and what happened when you mixed two specific primary colors. So, to follow up students were asked, “What color is sugar?” They quickly replied, “White.” When presented with the primary colors, students put 1 primary color into 3 different bags with sugar.

In teams, students then mixed another primary color in with the sugar.  Using prior knowledge and their experience from the first activity they were able to predict the new color.

To go further in our exploration of Changing Materials we have hung these zip-lock bags on a classroom window where they will be in the sun. In the coming week we are excited to see if the sugar will melt/turn to liquid.  Some of the students have already made predictions, but we will have to wait to find out.


  • 3-Way Conferences will continue next week.
  • Planting and Plant Journals

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