End of Unit Celebration

Today, we wrapped Unit 1.  Over the course of the Unit children began exploring different relationships: friend-to-friend, child-to-teacher, parent-to-child. They explore what these relationships look like and how they make us feel. Furthermore, we looked at how were are all similar and different. By looking at the ways are are alike and unlike.

Yesterday, we enjoyed opening the classroom. It was wonderful to see the excitement on everyone’s face. The children all expressed positive emotions about sharing the classroom with you. Here are some of our favorite photos.

  • DSC_8130
  • edf
  • edf
  • edf
  • edf
  • IMG_8101
  • IMG_8103
  • IMG_8108
  • IMG_8114
  • edf
  • IMG_3648
  • IMG_3647
  • IMG_3644
  • IMG_3639
  • IMG_3635
  • IMG_3633
  • IMG_3632
  • IMG_3631
  • IMG_3630
  • IMG_3626
  • DSC_8152
  • DSC_8151
  • DSC_8150
  • DSC_8148
  • DSC_8144
  • DSC_8142
  • DSC_8141
  • DSC_8135
  • DSC_8133
  • DSC_8131
  • DSC_8126

Best wishes for your October Holiday. See you on October 30th.


  • 3-Way Conferences, November 1st-10th.  Please sign-up for at time, if you have not already done so.
  • Loy Krathong, November 3rd. We will have a classroom party. Please be prepared to bring a dish.

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