Extended Day

Peace & Unity has been enjoying our second week of Extend Day.  Children are getting used to our new routine have enjoyed the longer interaction with peers and teachers.

What We Do

During the Extend Day program,  children are given more time to interact with children and peers in familiar and new spaces around the Magic Years campus.

At 12:30, children say goodbye to friends who go home and friends who attend afterschool clubs. We then head upstairs to the library. In the library, children listen to stories being read through different mediums, such as videos and by teachers.

After we read a whole group story, children are given the opportunity to explore the library freely and have stories read to them either one-on-one or in small groups.

At 1pm children go back to the classroom, where they participate in an Integrated Program.

Before children go home, we have a storytime.

What We Learn

Children who stay for Extend Day are given more time and space to explore social relationships. In the library and in the classroom the classes are mix together.  This allows children to interact with different peers, allowing for more negotiations, new friendships, and personal growth.

In the library, children are exposed to technology and gain knowledge about how technology can help us learning. Furthermore, children have greater exposure to rich language, aiding with English language development.

Lastly, children are given more time to explore our unit of inquiry. Our classroom is set-up to allow in-depth inquiry into our unit and with greater time in the classroom children are able to spend more time with teacher guidance to focus on the unit.

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  • February 2nd- Sports Day

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