Family Frames

As part of our Relationships Unit of Inquiry, we explored the similarities and differences between our class members.  To further expand on how we are similar and different, this week we shared our Family Frames.  This sharing was the culmination of a transdisciplinary process combining Art, Math, Social Studies and Language elements.

Step One


To begin with, the Teaching Team placed popsicle sticks and paint at the outdoor art table.  Over the course of the week, the students painted 300 sticks in a variety of different colours.

Step Two


Next, each student worked 1 on 1 with Mr. Bren or Ms. Kelsey to count out 10 popsicle sticks to take home.  This allowed for individual assessments on counting, numeracy and 1 to 1 correspondence.  These assessments will help the Teaching Team inform our planning for future units and activities.

Step Three

Once everyone had 10 popsicle sticks, it was time for homework.  The sticks went home and over the next few days the students brought back beautiful picture frames filled with family photos.  We had a huge variety of different styles: some were freestanding, some were for hanging; some had one photo, some had many.

Step Four


Once the frames were at school, it was time to share them with our classmates.  Working in our colour groups each student presented their frame.  They told us who was in the picture and we counted the number of people together.  During the presentations students made connections between all of the different families and identified similarities and differences:

  • Four people, I have four too!
  • Hey, I have a sister too!
  • I don’t have any brother
  • My grandma doesn’t live at my home, my grandma lives far away
  • My dad drives to get grandma
  • My family is BIG!
  • We both have baby
  • I have baby too

Step Five


The final step was hanging our Family Frames in the classroom.  We chose to place them on and around the tree in the Unity class.  It has already become a popular place to stop and chat with friends and to take a look at all of the different kinds of families we have.  Thank you for all of your work building the frames with your children.  They have helped strengthen the connection between home and school and make students feel more comfortable in the classroom.  Feel free to stop by and see everyone’s hard work!

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Mr. Bren
Mr. Bren

Mr. Bren has Bachelor's Degrees in History from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada and Primary Education from Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo, Canada. He has worked at international schools in Mexico, Egypt and Korea. This is his second year as a Head Teacher in Peace & Unity.

In his spare time Mr. Bren likes rock climbing, scuba diving and playing sports.

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