January 12-16

We were excited to be back at school and began to make a smooth transition into our third unit on tools!

Reflection: During group time we reflected on our vacation and drew pictures to represent our adventures. We demonstrated our communication skills as we shared vacation stories with our peers.

Mallet Painting: As we have started to explore different tools we used a rubber mallet to create symmetrical paintings. After splattering on one side of a paper we folded it in half and hammered away!

Hospital: We were excited to work in our classroom emergency room. We enjoyed pretending to caring be doctors, and nurses as we tended to our sick patients. We also tended to the babies in our classroom nursery by feeding, changing, and reading to them.

Tools: We explored how tools can be used to construct and connect projects. After discussing how to be safe carpenters we used real hammers, nails, screws, and screwdrivers, to assemble and disassemble constructions.

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