Mealtimes in Peace & Unity

Mealtimes are important moments in the Peace & Unity classroom. They are one of the few points of the day where every child is together.  They are moments of great independence, socialization, and risk-taking.

 Everday the Peace & Unity classes have both snack and lunch. During these moments, children practice their organization skills as they gather their water, milk and make their way to the eating sala.

Once there, students wash their hands.  Teacher ensures their hands are clean by checking them before they stand in line.   Each student takes a turn to serve themselves lunch/snack.

Every student is required to put everything item (starch, protein, vegetable) on their plate. We have been encouraging students to have a try-it bite.  Teachers in Peace & Unity recognize children may not be open to a new food at first but with repeated exposure, they make try it and enjoy.  MacLaughin, Lerner, & Parlakian state (2017), “Children need to be offered a new food 10-15 times before they will eat it.”  Mealtimes at school, children are repeatedly offered and given opportunities to try new foods. Furthermore, teachers in the Peace & Unity classroom do not force children to eat or try new foods, although, it is encouraged.  According to research, forcing children to eat usually ends up in them eating less,  as well as, discouraging them to listen to their own sense of hunger (MacLaughin, Lerner, Parlakian, 2017).

We believe it is our responsibility to present and provide food, but it is the child’s responsibility to determine how much and even whether they eat.

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  • Thank you to everyone who has schedules and participated in the 3-way conferences. It is always exciting to share the learning taking place within the classroom
  • We have begun our new unit– an inquiry into habitats and houses. Keeping checking the blog to learn more.




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