Morning Sign-In

Every day in Peace & Unity, children begin their day by signing-in. This week, we have updated our sign-in, as we will every so often this year to spark interest. By mixing it up, we are encouraging reluctant writers, giving children exposure to different tools and mediums, and providing opportunities to explore literacy using their senses.

Here is why sign-in is a valued routine in the Peace & Unity classroom:

  • A sense of belonging to our community.  By making a mark, the children in Peace & Unity let one another know they are here and ready to play.  Whether they write legibly their names or not, children know their work is valued, appreciated, and wanted.
  • A fun way to practice fine motor skills. Children are encouraged to write their names or make their mark. Either way, it is a meaningful, motivating way to strengthen their fine motor skills.
  • By exploring the different name stones, children are gaining letter recognition.  They are comparing the letters in their names to the letters in their peer’s names. Though their exposure to different letters children are, also, learning letter names and sounds.
  • IMG_8933
  • IMG_20170905_081614
  • IMG_20170831_112650
  • IMG_20170830_085351
  • IMG_20170830_081132
  • IMG_20170828_083326
  • IMG_20170829_085633
  • IMG_20170829_085814
  • IMG_20170829_090304
  • IMG_20170830_074632
  • IMG_20170828_080653
  • IMG_20170828_080402
  • IMG_20170825_081810
  • IMG_20170825_081023
  • IMG_20170824_083132
  • IMG_20170824_080043
  • IMG_20170824_080505
  • IMG_20170824_081035
  • IMG_20170824_081247
  • IMG_20170824_081125
  • IMG_20170824_074055
  • IMG_20170824_073933
  • IMG_20170823_080905 (1)
  • IMG_20170821_081139
  • IMG_20170821_081113
  • IMG_20170816_081224
  • IMG_20170816_083242
  • IMG_20170817_081122
  • IMG_20170817_081356
  • IMG_20170817_084726
  • IMG_20170816_081201
  • IMG_9010
  • IMG_8935
  • IMG_8934
  • IMG_8921
  • IMG_8924
  • IMG_8926
  • IMG_8929
  • IMG_8930
  • IMG_8918
  • IMG_8916
  • IMG_8913
  • IMG_8914

Ways to Help at Home:

  • Encourage your children to draw and create art.
  • Make playdough and play with it!
  • Make a bracelet or necklace with your child
  • Model writing


  • End of Unit/End of Term Celebration- December 15th
  • Winter Holiday- December 16th-January 7th

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Ms. Kelsey

Ms. Kelsey has a B.A. in Elementary Education from Michigan State University, in the United States. She is currently working on her master's in Early Childhood from the Erikson Institute in the United States. Ms. Kelsey enjoys teaching pre-literacy skills to her young students. Prior to moving to Thailand, Ms. Kelsey taught in Beijing, China and the United States. In her spare time, Ms. Kelsey enjoys traveling, going to the gym, and reading. She is very excited to be teaching Third Grade this year.

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