November 10-14

This week we continued to tune in to the materials in our environment, their uses, and the products made from them.

Plastic: We were creative as we colored our plastic cups on the light table. Next week we will conduct an experiment to observe the properties of plastic as we applying heat to our cups.

Observation: We continued to observe the bananas we picked from our tree behind the classroom. We noted that it took 3 days for the bananas to turn from green to yellow. After the bananas changed color we revisited our initial predictions and realized three of our classmates had predicted 3 days!

Metals: We observed some of the properties of metals as we used magnetic wands to sort objects that were and were not metal. We also had fun constructing with magnets, magnetic tape, and various objects made from metal.

Painting with Magnets: We explored new painting techniques as we used metal objects and magnetic wands to create beautiful works of art.

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