October 13-17

This week, we wrapped up our first unit by reflecting on our actions, relationships, and favorite activities as we worked on our portfolios. We also began our inquiry into China for our International Week country exploration.

We were curious about the significance of the dragon in Chinese culture. To share our understanding of dragons we had a group discussion on how dragons act, the parts of a dragon, and most importantly, “Are dragons real?” After watching a dragon dance we tried it during circle time.

Piper brought in Jiaozi to share during snack. For some of us it was the first time trying this food; although the texture made us a little hesitant we were risk-takers and each tried at least one bite.

Liam’s mother came in to read “Round as a Mooncake” by Rosanne Thong. After the book we worked to create art using circles and Chinese stamps.

We continued to express curiosity in Chinese culture and food as we made chrysanthemum tea and prepared dumplings for dumpling soup. During circle time we reflected on if we liked the soup and what we would change about the soup next time.

At the art center, we made paper lanterns and drew special “good luck” pictures, which we placed in red envelopes to share with our friends when we return from the break.

Enjoy your holiday!
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