October 6-10, 2014

Community: We discussed the role of various members of the Magic Years staff and reflected on how their work enriches our experience at school.
• We visited Ms. Khanum and Ms. Cassie’s office to learn about their work. To further our understanding we asked questions such as, “Do you sing and dance in your office? What do you do on your computer? and Why aren’t there any toys?”. We also sang for our hosts.

• P’Somsak, the Head of the Thai Staff came to visit our classroom and support us in understanding all the necessary work to keep us safe at school. We learned that he cleans the pool and playground, makes our furniture, and searches the school to ensure there are no snakes. We demonstrated our appreciation of his role by helping him clean our playground.

• We visited Ms. Honey, the school nurse to learn more about how she treats injuries, and various actions we can take to stay healthy. We participated in a fun activity that helped us understand how quickly germs are spread.

• We were caring as we hosted a visit from Ms. Zoe, Ms. Anjana, and the Joy & Confidence class. We confidently gave them a tour of our class and took pride in our ability to teach the visitors how to use our materials.

Friendships: We created necklaces using the pasta we painted last week and had a special ceremony in which we chose a friend to give it to.

International Week: We will study China for International Week. We have decided to be risk takers and present our learning by singing “Wo de peng you zai na li” at the October 31st assembly. We encourage you to sing with your child at home!

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