Our Final Unit of Inquiry

We have just begun our final Unit of Inquiry- where has the year gone! Our final unit is an exploration of stories, with our central idea being: People express themselves through stories.  Throughout the unit, children will inquire into how stories make us feel, what we like and dislike about stories, and actions of characters in stories have consequences.

Our ultimate learning goals of this unit is a foundation in pre-literacy skill to prepare Peace & Unity Students for Creativity & Service next year. Students will work on different pre-literacy skills through:

The Drawing/Writing Center where students are working on creating their own pictures.  Here students are drawing their own stories and pictures of their lives. Recently, students have been creating their own storybook characters.

  • imaging.seesaw-8
  • imaging.seesaw-7
  • imaging.seesaw-6
  • imaging.seesaw-4
  • imaging.seesaw-3


In Whole Group Circle Times, we have been reading and telling lots of stories. Here students have been reflecting and making connections. We are building up to introducing key story concepts in an age-appropriate manner such as plot, sequence, and characters.

  • imaging.seesaw-5
  • imaging.seesaw-17

Throughout our unit, students will be making Books. This will allow all students to feel like authors and motivate them to communicate through words and pictures, an essential skill needed for the next school years.

  • imaging.seesaw-10
  • imaging.seesaw-9

Strengthening fine motor through various centers in the classroom. Around the classroom, we currently have various fine motor centers, such as play dough, cutting, beading, rice, etc. Throughout our unit, these centers will change and grow depending on the needs of the Peace & Unity students, but the goal is to remain the same- strength their fine motor skill to improve writing.

  • imaging.seesaw-19
  • imaging.seesaw-18
  • imaging.seesaw-16
  • imaging.seesaw-13
  • imaging.seesaw-15
  • imaging.seesaw-12
  • imaging.seesaw-2
  • imaging.seesaw-1
  • imaging.seesaw
  • imaging.seesaw-11

We look forward to seeing where this Unit of Inquiry takes us, and are excited to dive deep into the concept of stories.


Spring Break- April 13th-22nd

Earth Week- April 25th-27th

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Ms. Kelsey
Ms. Kelsey

Ms. Kelsey has a B.A. in Elementary Education from Michigan State University, in the United States. She is currently working on her master's in Early Childhood from the Erikson Institute in the United States. Ms. Kelsey enjoys teaching pre-literacy skills to her young students. Prior to moving to Thailand, Ms. Kelsey taught in Beijing, China and the United States. In her spare time, Ms. Kelsey enjoys traveling, going to the gym, and reading. She is very excited to be teaching Third Grade this year.

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