Our First Unit of Inquiry

As we move beyond the first weeks of school we are digging deeper into our first Unit of Inquiry on Relationships.

UOI #1: Relationships
Central Idea: Relationships with others shape our identity.
Transdisciplinary Theme: Who we are

As this Unit of Inquiry progresses, we will inquire into developing new relationships, how people are the same and different and our roles in different groups.

Learner Profiles: Principled, Caring
Attitudes: Empathy, Respect, Tolerance
Key Concepts: Perspective, Responsibility
PSPE Focus: Identity & Interactions – Self-regulation, Trust and Community
Social Studies Focus: Social Organization & Culture: Rights, Roles and Communication

As we continue through the Cycle of Inquiry we will be learning how to be good friends, what makes as unique, similarities and differences between different people and our responsibilities at school.  Stay tuned!

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Mr. Bren
Mr. Bren

Mr. Bren has Bachelor's Degrees in History from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada and Primary Education from Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo, Canada. He has worked at international schools in Mexico, Egypt and Korea. This is his second year as a Head Teacher in Peace & Unity.

In his spare time Mr. Bren likes rock climbing, scuba diving and playing sports.


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