Unit 1: Relationships

We are wrapping up the second week of our first Unit of Inquiry.  We are excited to see some growth and excitement surrounding our Unit’s central idea, key concepts, attitudes, and learner profile. Throughout the course of our unit we are looking for children to demonstrate growth in certain areas.

Our current Unit focuses on relationships.  The central idea is: relationship with other shapes our identity and affects our emotions.

Throughout this Unit we are focusing on self-management skills, and building relationships with our peers and teachers.  For example, we are asking children to sign-in and take responsibility to put their backpacks, shoes, and water bottles away at the beginning of the day.

In the classroom, we providing opportunities for children to interact, and inevitably have conflict with each other.  Through moments of conflict in the classroom we are providing opportunities for children problem solve, stand up for themselves, and listen to their peers.  On many occasions, teacher will stand back and watch children work through conflict on their, stepping in only when necessary.

We have been giving children scripts to word their feelings to their peers. Such as, “Stop, I don’t like it!”, “Can I play?”, “When can I have a turn?”, etc.

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You can help us at home by:

  • Talk to your child about their day. Please use specifics, such as, where do you like playing, what special did you have, what friends did you play with. Please keep these moments positive to help us create a classroom community.
  • Walk children through words and actions they can take when conflicts arise in the classroom. Such as, using words like “Stop!”, finding a teacher, or even walking and finding a new place to play.
  • Upon arrival please walk your child through the day, and the steps they need to accomplish before they move to the playground. In Peace & Unity, we have a large focus on responsibility and independence, and would love for you to support this at home.
  • Please let us know if you have any further questions. We are always open to conversations regarding your child.

At the end of the Unit, we will have a celebration where the children will share all their learning with you.

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