Our Visit to the New Campus

This week Peace & Unity took our first field trip of the year to visit the new MYIS campus.

Preparing for our Trip

Before the trip, our class Tuned In to the visit by making predictions about things that we  would see when we visited the new campus.  We also found out which bus each of us would be riding on and who are buddies were.  With this information and predictions recorded, we were ready for our trip.


Yellow & Green’s predictions


Blue & Red’s predictions

Travelling to the New Campus

At 8:45 we lined up in the carport with our buddies and got ready to board the buses.  We used three buses to bring our whole class plus all of the adults who would be accompanying us.  After a short drive we arrived at the new campus.

Snack and Schedule

The first thing we did after we arrived was wash our hands and have our morning snack.  We ate our snack in the amphitheatre MYIS will use for all our assemblies once we move to the new campus.  When snack was finished Ms. Cassie and Mr. Rahul explained the schedule for our day and reviewed safety rules for moving around the new campus, which is still under construction.

Exploring the New Campus

Once everyone understood the plan we divided into two groups.  Red and Blue lines went with Mr. Rahul and Yellow and Green lines went with Ms. Cassie.  Each group explored the Library, the new classrooms, looked at the gym, swimming pool and kitchen, saw our new P&U classroom, music room and thai classroom and saw where the playground is going to be. After our tour was complete we boarded the buses and traveled back to the current campus for lunch.

Overheard on the Trip

Throughout the day the students had many excited conversations with each other and with the adults that joined them.  Here are a few of things we said:

On first seeing the school

Matthew: “It’s so big, like a giant!”  Mark K: “Like Gigantasaurus!”

When we first heard the workers working

Namtarn: “What’s that noise?” Gegi: “People working with a hammer”

During our hunt for different materials

Oak: “I see glass” Cenn: “I see rocks!

During the tour

Gegi: “I see a toilet!” Matthew: “I see a air-con”

Thee & Minya: “Washing hands!”

Christina:”I see the swimming pool” McLeod: “This is Peace & Unity class!”

Reflecting on the bus ride home

Gegi: “The gym was very messy!”

Reflecting on our Trip

The next day we reflected on our trip with two activities.  First, we revisited our predictions and checked to see if they had been right or not.  Then we used our drawing journals to record one thing that we remembered seeing during our visit.  When the picture was complete a teacher helped record the students’ thoughts.  Over all the students were very happy with the trip and very excited to learn in the new building next term.

What’s Next?

  • Next week we will be starting our Unit 2 final project, it will take 2 weeks to complete.
  • With only 3 weeks left in Term 1 we are preparing for the big move to the new campus for the start of Term 2.


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Mr. Bren
Mr. Bren

Mr. Bren has Bachelor's Degrees in History from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada and Primary Education from Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo, Canada. He has worked at international schools in Mexico, Egypt and Korea. This is his second year as a Head Teacher in Peace & Unity.

In his spare time Mr. Bren likes rock climbing, scuba diving and playing sports.

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