Planting Beans

For the past two weeks our class has been hard at work growing beans in our patio area.  Besides learning about the needs of living things, this activity has allowed students to work on Science, Research and Communication skills. Today our planting tub is full of many green, healthy plants, but it hasn’t been easy.  The students have completed many steps to reach where we are today.

Preparing the Cups

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The first step in our planting experiment  was creating a home for our seeds.  Each student started with a plastic cup and was asked to decorate their cup with at least two colours. Once their cup was decorated to their satisfaction, the teaching team wrote their names on it and it was on to Step 2!

Planting our Seeds

The day after we finished our cups, it was time to plant our seeds.  Each student moved through 4 stations: 1) Finding your cup, 2) Putting cotton into your cup 3) Choosing seeds to put in your cup and 4) Watering your seeds.  Then we placed the cups in our big black planting tub to sit in the sun.

Gathering and Recording 

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Since we planted our seeds we have been observing their growth and recording those observations in our Plant Journals.   Every few days our colour groups head outside to find three things: their seed cups, their plant journals and a coloured  pencil.  Once they have those things, they find a place to sit down and make their observations.  Each student examines their plant and draws what they see onto a blank page in their plant journal.

Sharing Observations

After the students have recorded their observations, they bring their plant and journal to a member of the teaching team to share their work and their observations orally.  The teacher then records their words into their journal. After their words are record,  they clean up their materials.  The students have been quite excited to share what is happening with their plants.  Some of their observations are listed below.

  • Khunnie: “My one is opening! Some seeds is shut! -Nov. 4
  • Nene: “Growing” -Nov. 4
  • Anda: “It growing leaves” -Nov. 7
  • Mike: “It grow one plant” -Nov. 9
  • Mungkorn: “I see small seeds and the water is coming up!” -Nov 2
  • Cenn: “They are growing” -Nov. 2
  • Proud: “I did new seeds.  I watered my plant” -Nov. 7
  • Emre: “My seed is a little bit growing up” -Nov. 4
  • James: “It’s growing” -Nov. 9
  • Oak: “This is a plant.  It’s growing one plant” -Nov. 9
  • Marni: “It’s grow, growing big” -Nov. 7
  • Titan: “Seeds, green” -Nov. 7
  • Mark T: “No growing” -Nov. 4
  • Namtarn: “It’s grow, grow. Five plants!” -Nov. 9
  • Thee: “It’s a little bit growing” -Nov. 7
  • Rasa: “It’s grow up really high!” -Nov. 7
  • Zen: “It’ growed up and have four” -Nov. 9
  • McLeod: “Roots are going down, it is going up.  I forgot water but I put water and it growed!” -Nov. 9
  • Minya: “Seeds!” -Nov. 7
  • Pejja: “Growing” -Nov. 7
  • Christina: “This is the leaves starting to grow.  Now it’s a little bit grow” -Nov. 9
  • Matt: “Growing: -Nov. 7
  • Mark K: “It’s big, leaves” -Nov. 9
  • Matthew: “These are leaves. It’s starting to get rice on it” -Nov. 9
  • Gegi: “It’s starting to grow into a tree, a tall one” -Nov. 4

 Moving Forward

We have one more day of observation left before we transfer our bean plants to planters in our patio area.  We have also been using our planting experience as a provocation to learn more about HM the King’s efforts to aid Thailand’s farmers.  We will be sharing what we have learned at the Dedication Ceremony on Friday November 18.


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