We are just finishing the fifth week back at school. Both children and teachers are forming relationships and creating routines.

Our first unit of inquiry is all about making relationships and being able to follow routines and expectations set by the teachers.

In the classroom we follow a clear routine, an example is how we transition from one place to the next. We sing the same ‘clean up’ song, give clear warnings and set out clear instructions such as “get your water bottle and stand in line.” At school we have these routines set because both children and teachers benefit from a routines. Why we like routines :

  • Routines give us self-control and confidence. We know what will happen next in our day.
  • Routines give us stability when things around us are constantly changing.
  • Routines give us a sense of ownership. We can take charge of our own activities.
  • Routines give us security and make us feel safe. We know what is expected from us.
  • Routines help social interactions and enhances our language skills. For example hearing the same words and singing the same songs.
  • Routines limit negotiating as children know and understand what is expected from them.

Ways that you can help at home.

  • Create positive routines.
  • Have a set drop off and pick up routine at school.
  • Include your child in creating the routines.

For more information please read these articles about the importance of routines for children.

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  • IMG_0676
  • IMG_0669
  • IMG_6935
  • IMG_7078
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