Sept 29-Oct 3, 2014

Rice Center: This week we were very excited to begin working in the new rice enter. We compared the volume of various sized containers and explored the concept of quantity. We were especially interested in transferring the rice to and from containers of the same size.

Essential Agreement: After observing how messy our rice explorations can be we met to collaboratively discuss ideas on how to ensure safe, clean, and meaningful experiences at the Rice Center. After we agreed to follow these rules we signed our name to complete this binding agreement. As a class we decided: 1. Rice is not for eating 2. We cannot throw rice 3. Clean your feet when you leave the area 4. Keep the rice inside the tub.

Partners: We reflected on the friends we play with every day, then we thought about our classmates that we rarely interact with. To support our understanding of all classmates we agreed to become a partner with a new friend for the week. Each day we sat with our partner during snack and lunch.

Sandwiches: At the language center, we worked with our partner to make a toasted jelly sandwich for the two of us to share. After we spread the jelly onto the bread we placed both of our pieces together and were very careful to cut it into two equal halves.

Art: We began a two week necklace-making project. Each day we chose a new color to paint macaroni. Next week, we will create necklaces to give to our partners!

Classroom fish: This week we welcomed our ten new guppy fish into our classroom. We demonstrated our understanding of how to care for fish as we prepared their tank and exhibited responsibility when we remembered to feed them each day.

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