September 1-5 , 2014

This week we started our first unit!  We are exploring and reflecting on ourselves, our unique qualities and what makes us special.  We have been inquiring into our abilities and how we can each use our prior knowledge and understanding of a variety of concepts to help our peers grow.

Language: We communicated our preferences and experiences with various foods, animals, and activities. We made our thinking visible as we created a sheet about our favorite things. After we completed our sheets we excitedly researched what we have in common  with each other, and verbally communicated our experiences with the items on the sheet.

Writing: We explored the lines, curves, and shapes found in the first letter of our name. After this exploration, we decorated this letter using pom-poms.

Art: We inquired into our individuality as we used ink pads to take our fingerprints. We used a magnifying glass to help us observe each person’s unique patterns, swirls, and curves.

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