September 8-17, 2014

Inquiring into relationships: We began communicating family relationships and reflecting on the people in our family.

  • We sorted and categorized ourselves into hoops based on our family makeup. We were surprised to learn learn who had babies in their families, who was the oldest in their families, and that many of us also have a brother or sister.
  • We looked at animal families and inquired into their habitats and  how various animals care for their young. We collaborated with our peers to sort the animals into families. We took our learning further and decided to categorize the animals based on fur type, wings, habitats, and color.
  • We created works of art in which we represented each member of our family. We held very rich conversations about some of the special things we do with mommies, daddies, siblings, and grandparents.
  • After reading Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes we demonstrated how to be caring as we washed, dried, fed, and prepared the classroom babies for naps. We paid attention to make sure we were gentle.
  • We demonstrated our creativity as we completed our self-portrait face collage using recycled materials.

Reading in Multiple Languages: We were very excited to have Noah’s mother, Verena and  Arianna’s mother Anca come read in different language. Vera read a book in German and Anca read in Polish!

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