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Our First Month of Peace & Unity Class!
Peer Conflict
Our Final Unit of Inquiry
Field trip to Domino’s Pizza
Buddy Reading
Fire Truck Visit
Extended Day
Morning Sign-In
Unit 2: Habitat
Mealtimes in Peace & Unity
End of Unit Celebration
Songs in Peace & Unity
Unit 1: Relationships

Our First Month of Peace & Unity Class!


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We’ve had a great first month of class, and everyone is getting settled in.  We had connected with old friends and met some new friends. Who did you play with today? So far we have engaged with a variety of materials in a variety of spaces. Many students have commented that they love making and building things.  Scroll through the pictures for the evidence!

We are exploring all the toys in the classroom.

Making pancakes and cookies at playground time.

IMG_8592               IMG_2215

We have wooden blocks and this is some friends helping Ms.Ploy put it together.

We are building an ice skating rink, houses and a tall tower with metallic blocks.


We love to build with those metallic blocks! We do a great job of sharing with our friends.

We are making cookies and different monsters with playdough!


We are learning new songs during our morning meeting!


group morning meeting

Sometimes we enjoy collaborating or working side by side.  And sometimes we pick a special activity to do on our own.

IMG_2225  IMG_1861

Our PE teachers, Ms.Bee and Mr.Chairat teach us Physical Education and Swimming.


Mr.Chairat also teaches us Industrial Arts. It is fun to create something using our imagination.

IMG_7925                     IMG_2239

Mr. Emmanuel teaches Art to us.

IMG_0965                      IMG_7978

Ms.Fon and Mr.Game teach us Music. We get to explore music by playing different instruments.

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Mrs. Jacky teaches us Thai in a fun way that we get to know how to say ‘Hello’ and ‘Thank you’  in Thai!


We are looking forward to a great year, full of much growth and learning! It’s already starting. Please know that all of the Peace and Unity students have engaged with multiple materials and areas, even if there is not a photo posted here. Sometimes we are working with them as well, so it is hard to snap those pictures! The documentation will continue in this blog – see you soon on the next posting!


Peace and Unity Team

Peer Conflict

Throughout the year, conflict has been an unlying theme of the Peace & Unity classroom. During our first unit of inquiry, we discussed relationships and friendship. Through this discussions, we learned and thought about peer conflict.  Throughout the school year, we have seen these friendships grow and flourish. At the end of our school year, we have now come full circle.

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Our Final Unit of Inquiry

We have just begun our final Unit of Inquiry- where has the year gone! Our final unit is an exploration of stories, with our central idea being: People express themselves through stories.  Throughout the unit, children will inquire into how stories make us feel, what we like and dislike about stories, and actions of characters in stories have consequences.

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Field trip to Domino’s Pizza

During our final week of our third unit of inquiry, Peace & Unity went on a field trip to Domino’s Pizza. We have been learning about tools, the function of tools, and responsible use of tools. After months of playing and exploring new tools in our classroom, it was time to put our skills to practice on this field trip. Children were excited for this long anticipated annual field trip.

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While at Domino’s, children got to go behind the counter and be trained in the methods of making pizza by the Domino’s pizza masters.  Children stretched out their dough, added pizza sauce, and choose and placed their own toppings. Once the pizza was assembled, the students (with the help of adults) placed their pizzas in the oven. We ended our field trip with a pizza party and enjoyed eating our pizza’s before heading back to Magic Years.

Buddy Reading

As a part of Magic Year’s annual Book Week, the Peace & Unity class visited G1-2 in their classroom for buddy reading.  Peace & Unity students were then paired up with a G1-2 student, who choose a book to read together.

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Fire Truck Visit

In the Peace & Unity classroom, we have been exploring how different tools help us.  As part of our unit, we had  firemen come and visit to show us the ‘tools of their trade.’

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In the Peace & Unity classroom, one of our current unit’s key concept is responsibility. We have been focusing on building responsibility, as well as respect, cooperation, and independence (our focus attitudes) through our classroom clean-up time.

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Extended Day

Peace & Unity has been enjoying our second week of Extend Day.  Children are getting used to our new routine have enjoyed the longer interaction with peers and teachers.

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Morning Sign-In

Every day in Peace & Unity, children begin their day by signing-in. This week, we have updated our sign-in, as we will every so often this year to spark interest. By mixing it up, we are encouraging reluctant writers, giving children exposure to different tools and mediums, and providing opportunities to explore literacy using their senses.

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Unit 2: Habitat

The Peace & Unity classroom has been in a frenzy exploring different animals in our second Unit of Inquiry.  Through our lines of inquiry, we have been exploring: animal and human habitats, the areas and spaces we live in, and animals and humans living together.

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Mealtimes in Peace & Unity

Mealtimes are important moments in the Peace & Unity classroom. They are one of the few points of the day where every child is together.  They are moments of great independence, socialization, and risk-taking.

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End of Unit Celebration

Today, we wrapped Unit 1.  Over the course of the Unit children began exploring different relationships: friend-to-friend, child-to-teacher, parent-to-child. They explore what these relationships look like and how they make us feel. Furthermore, we looked at how were are all similar and different. By looking at the ways are are alike and unlike.

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We are just finishing the fifth week back at school. Both children and teachers are forming relationships and creating routines.

Our first unit of inquiry is all about making relationships and being able to follow routines and expectations set by the teachers.

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Unit 1: Relationships

We are wrapping up the second week of our first Unit of Inquiry.  We are excited to see some growth and excitement surrounding our Unit’s central idea, key concepts, attitudes, and learner profile. Throughout the course of our unit we are looking for children to demonstrate growth in certain areas.

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