The Cutting Center

The Cutting Center made its first appearance in the Peace & Unity classroom during the second week in September.  The Teaching Team placed the Cutting Center in the classroom to spark children’s interest in developing their fine motor skills.  While the Cutting Center is still being used for its initial purpose, there have been many secondary goals along the way.

The cutting center became an important center for our Peer Groupings during our first Unit of Inquiry: Relationships. While placed at this center, students had the opportunity to cut recycled paper and cardboard while interacting with their peers.  Students explored  the different shapes they could cut out and shared these finding with peers.  Students also settled disputes over the different colored scissors, all while practicing their fine motor skills.

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During our second Unit of Inquiry: Changing Materials, we redesigned the Cutting Center.  Students are now given the opportunity to test out their fine motor-cutting skills on a wide variety of materials such as bottle caps, cotton, necklaces, etc., to determine if they can be cut.  Once they have tested their cutting skills on the different materials, students are then asked the question: Can you cut it with scissors?  Using a T-Chart and pictures of all of the different materials, they place the picture of the object on either the Yes or No column.  Students have enjoyed exploring the many different materials, making it a popular center in the classroom.

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In the coming weeks and months we are excited to see how the Cutting Center continues to change and evolve.


  • October Break: October 24th-28th
  • 3-Way Conferences: November 1st-11th


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