The Most Magnificent Things

Over the past two weeks the students have been hard at work completing their final project of Unit 2.  Using the insight they have gained into the behaviours and uses of materials over the past 2 months, the students embarked on a collaborative building effort.

Tuning In


We started our project by reading The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spires. When we were finished students used their portrait photos to group themselves into groups of 4 or 5.



Working in their small groups with a teacher, students brainstormed and then compromised on 1) a place to visit and 2) a vehicle to get there.  Each group then created a blueprint for their vehicle.


Gathering Materials

With their blueprint finished, each group visited the Recycling Centre by the Woodworking Sala to choose materials for their vehicle.

  • 20161206_105505
  • 20161206_101353
  • 20161206_092647
  • 20161206_090649
  • 20161206_085710


Each group then worked with a teacher to support them in building their vehicle.  They chose specific objects and attached them to specific places using their blueprint to remind them what they still needed to do.

  • IMG_6676
  • IMG_6674
  • IMG_6630
  • IMG_6610
  • IMG_6606
  • IMG_6601
  • IMG_6592
  • IMG_6598
  • IMG_6719

The Finished Products

  • Group 1's Small BusGroup 1's Small Bus
  • Group 2's Police Car was destroyed during the Reflection on Learning. It lives on in photos of the student presentation and our memories.Group 2's Police Car was destroyed during the Reflection on Learning. It lives on in photos of the student presentation and our memories.
  • Group 3's RocketGroup 3's Rocket
  • Group 4's BoatGroup 4's Boat
  • Group 5's HelicopterGroup 5's Helicopter
  • Group 6's RocketGroup 6's Rocket



The final step was sharing their creations with the rest of the class.  Each group presented their vehicle to their peers, highlighting specific features and materials used.

  • IMG_6729
  • IMG_6727
  • IMG_6733
  • IMG_6739
  • IMG_6746
  • IMG_6740

Coming Up

Term 2 is almost over, have a safe and happy holiday break.  We look forward to welcoming you to the new campus in January!


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