Tools in the Garden

As we move through our Cycle of Inquiry into tools, the students have gone further than simply investigating tools, they have started putting tools to use in the Garden.

The Process

Last week the students started building a fence for the Garden with Mr. Chairat.  They worked with rulers, tape measures and saws to measure and cut the fence posts.  Then they used axes to sharpen the posts before using a sledgehammer to hammer the posts into the ground.


This week when they visited Mr. Chairat it was time to get planting! The first job was mixing in new soil and turning the old.  The students identified shovels, forks and rakes, but we had to ask Mr. Chairat to tell us the name of one tool: the Hoe.

  • IMG_1457
  • IMG_1498
  • IMG_1459
  • IMG_1505
  • IMG_1455

Once the soil was turned and mixed, it was time to place and plant our flowers.  Each student had the chance to place a flower in the plot, then they dug a hole and planted it.


The final task was to water the plants using a tool everyone was familiar with: a watering can.

  • IMG_1472
  • IMG_1507
  • IMG_1519
  • IMG_1524

Over the coming months the students will be tending the garden using the gardening tools.  We will check in with the progress of the garden in a few weeks.

Home Extension

Do you have plants or a garden at home?  What tools do you use to keep the plants healthy and growing?  Who takes care of the plants?

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  • I saw your blog and then had to go check for myself. The garden looks fantastic. They did a great job, and it was a perfect opportunity to see and use various tools.

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