Unit 2: Habitat

The Peace & Unity classroom has been in a frenzy exploring different animals in our second Unit of Inquiry.  Through our lines of inquiry, we have been exploring: animal and human habitats, the areas and spaces we live in, and animals and humans living together.

In the classroom, we have been exploring our lines of inquiry through many different centers. Most noticeably:

  • Animal Center– here children play and learn animals through figurines.  They can create environments with loose parts such as shells and rocks.


  • Building on our Animal center, the Habitat Making Center gives children the opportunity to create a habitat. Children choose an animal, do research on the environments the animals live, and then create the environment using loose parts.
  • IMG_4547
  • IMG_4554
  • IMG_4599
  • IMG_4640
  • sdr
  • In the Kitchen Center, children learn the different environments people live in.
  • IMG_4159
  • sdr
  • dav
  • IMG_1765
  • IMG_4476
  • IMG_4477
  • IMG_4478
  • burst
  • Library Center provides the opportunity to learn about different animals, peoples, and the places they live. Our library is currently stocked with rich books, both fiction and non-fiction alike, that allow children to feely explore habitats.
  • IMG_1906
  • IMG_4406
  • IMG_4160
  • IMG_4467
  • dav
  • dav
  • Our Art Center has allowed children to research different ecosystems through pictures. We have put up a picture and allow children to explore these environments and the rich colors that exist in them.


We are excited to see where our Unit of Inquiry takes us.


  • Mother Tongue Parent Workshop- Tuesday at 8am

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