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PSPE Update

PSPE Update

At Magic Years Physical Education is a valued part of our curriculum.

PSPE unit of inquiry : Our body works together when we exercise

Our Primary students are focusing on the importance of fitness and exercise as they continue to refine and plan their own exercise schedule.

Tuning into how our body works together when we exercise, students measured their height, weight and speed. They carried out assessments and recorded data to inform the next steps of their plan.

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At the beginning of each class, our Primary students are encouraged to reflect on their prior knowledge by taking part in a gentle warm-up walk with an elbow buddy, and share specific knowledge they know now that they did not know at the beginning of the unit.

Below are some of students answers:

We know that:


-”We need to exercise so we become stronger”- Beau

-”We need to eat healthy food so our body parts will work well”

– Chaosua

-”We know that we have to practice to get better in doing something.”

– Archie

-”We know that all our body parts are important.” – Nene


This exercise has helped our Primary students to collaboratively create a visual which they will use as a reference point for future discussions, and as they map their understanding of the lines of inquiry and move towards the summative assessment task.

IMG_3344 IMG_3340

Lines of Inquiry:

  • An awareness of our body
  • Co-ordination of body parts
  • Object control to achieve goals


At Magic Years, we value student passions and provide opportunities for students to follow their interests. We consider how we can best engage students through activities and games to nurture a healthy lifestyle and develop physical, mental and personal skills. We aim to nurture healthy competition and believe that setting personal goals should be encouraged and accomplished through a strong sense of passion and care, with an agreement to always ‘do our best’. Through fun and friendly challenges we aim to foster independence, commitment, and reflection, guiding students toward being confident risk takers.

With this personal growth in mind we are currently working towards a successful Volleyball tournament due to be held at Magic Years in October. The students and teachers are very excited about hosting and participating in this event. As we work hard and train hard to be the best that we can be, we apply our knowledge and understanding of our central idea to our practice and strive to do our best!


Mr Emmanuel – PSPE Co-Teacher