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Specials Sum-Up 2017-2018

Specials Sum-Up 2017-2018

PSPE: This is the last month for physical education. Everyone who has studied physics in this semester will have better development in jumping, swinging, and rolling. In addition, children are involved in the analysis of the situation. I look forward to the concentrate instruction on playing activities. Finally, I hope to meet you again the next academic year.


Music: Let’s create a Musical Environment at Home!

I’m really enjoying teaching and watching how the students grow their musical experiences during the year.  It would be a benefit of your child to continue this growing at home with the parents and family. I would like to share a few ideas to promote a musical environment for your child at home.

– Explore rhythm around the house, for example, in the bedroom, living room, kitchen and toilet! Learning to follow and move to a beat can also help the little ones to express his or her emotions, and it’s a great way to release energy in creative ways.  Check this out for fun rhythm around the house:

– Make the instruments together: The children will enjoy exploring the different sounds from various materials that they choose for their DIY musical instruments as well as training their motor skills in a creative and fun way.  Here is the useful link for DIY musical instruments ideas:

– Listen to the world music: World music can introduce new sounds and noises and can help inquisitive children learn more about other cultures and traditions. World music can also help a child develop strong listening skills that he or she will benefit from in other learning environments.  Here is the sample music:

Musically yours!


Art: It has been a fantastic first year of Visual Art in MYIS. Not only have I truly enjoyed working with all of the very unique and creative students it has been such a joy to watch the artistic skills develop throughout the year. Together we have explored drawing, painting, collaging, printmaking, and sculpture  and in doing so students have become familiar with the artroom and the many tools we use when making art. Just like our students, the artroom and the artwork within is always evolving! I look forward to coloring in my second year with MYIS.

IMG_0712 (1)

Thai: A year passes very quickly, This year is very challenging and very fun for me as a Thai teacher whose goal was to have students enjoy learning Thai language, Thai culture, and Thai history.  I was very proud when I saw a student progress in Thai language. I was very happy when I saw children smile, laugh, and actively play in Thai class. I so glad when I met student on the playground and they called my name or said “Sa-wad-dee”. Even when I asked them to write a reflection for Thai class, I see how much they’re enjoying an activity they have learned. Next year, I promise I will do my best and to set up activities students will enjoy in Thai class.


Woodworking: Industrial arts is an educational program which features fabrication of an objects in wood, plastic, rubber or metal using a variety of hand, power, or machine tools.

In Term 1, we focused in on our central idea “Characteristics of matter determine their use” and “How the world works” as our transdisciplinary theme and in Term 2 we focused on our central Idea “People learn through communication and expression” with the transdisciplinary theme “How we express ourselves”.

As a teacher, my objective is to encourage the students to take ownership of their learning by means of constructive learning, gain an understanding of the things around them’ and prepare them to put what they have learned to practice in their real life situations.

I believe that learning by doing is more effective for students at Magic Years because we value meaningful learning. For this to happen, I get the students involved in different activities such as: cooking, planting seed and harvesting, taking care of our school animals, and producing useful products for our school community to use.