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Visual language is all around us.
Recording a favourite book for your child.
Super Hero Stories
Spontaneous Group Reading
Welcome to Specials

Visual language is all around us.

Visual language surrounds us not only in written forms such as road signs and advertising, but also through body and sign language.
Just as many languages are spoken around the world, different countries also have their own sign language, and some countries may have more than one.

Take a look at this video in American Sign Language (ASL) by Dack  Virnig telling a story called ‘Three Little Caterpillars’. He signs the story and adds effects to engage his audience. Can you see some actions that you can understand? Can you follow the story? Directly below is the ASL alphabet if you are interested.

Download (PDF, 33KB)

Compare this alphabet to that of Thai Sign Language (TSL).

Download (PDF, 43KB)

Can you see any similarities or differences?






Recording a favourite book for your child.

At Magic Years, we want to do our best at supporting children in their learning journey.

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Giving a hug from home through a favourite book at school.

One way we can do this in our library is by making sure your child is surrounded by their favourite books, read by the people they love in the languages they know. We would love to record parents/friends/teachers and relatives read favourite books. Through this your child can be surrounded with literacy that is in a sense ‘alive’ and loved.

The recordings will also be exposed to other learners at M.Y and children within our community can view the world from a new perspective.

Think about a child who is missing his grandmother or uncle. Imagine how remarkable it would be for this child to listen or watch a book being read to him/her by that person. Reading a favourite book could be 10-15 minutes of reading and recording time and could encourage a lifetime of reading and perhaps writing.

Please read this document for ways to record a book at home (whether that be in Thailand or in a different country).

Come in during Book Week and record a book. Make an appointment for us to make the recording or record your own from home.

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Related article: Every Child Every Day. A U.S article in Educational Leadership that outlines 6 effective teaching elements that can help students become successful readers. The elements in the article that recording a book for your child will encourage are: 1) every child reads something that he or she chooses 2) every child reads accurately 3) every child reads something that he or she understands 4) every child talks with peers about reading and 5) every child listens to a fluent adult read aloud.

Spontaneous Group Reading

In the video, the student is sharing his confidence by spontaneously sitting in the ‘teacher’s chair’, showing his knowledge of how a teacher reads to a large group of people by outwardly presenting the book and looking at the page from the top, he is showing his creativity by changing the words to the song/book to apply to his world.

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Welcome to Specials

The word ‘Specials’ in this respect, refers to the activities that are not normally held with the class teacher. The activities offered by Magic Years during the week are: Swimming/Soccer (Football), Clay, Music, Thai Language and Culture, Health and Wellness, Woodwork, and Library.

During ‘Specials’ time, one or more of our team will be responsible for facilitating the class group. Class teachers may come to the activities with the group, or in the case of the Trust and Caring class, the above activities will be taken by the class teacher (in order to foster trust in familiar people and surroundings).

Specials activities are not the only times we are involved with with students, we all like to talk and communicate during the learning that takes place in the playground.

Scroll along the menu bar above to meet the team and read more about their specialist activities in Magic Years. If you would like to communicate with us, please come and see us at school or email us.